Can a Mom Afford to Get the Flu in 2020? Spoiler Alert: HECK NO

“Moms don’t get sick days.” You know the saying, right? I used to think it was a cheesy marketing tactic to convince parents like me to purchase excessive amounts of over the counter cold medicine. But after becoming a mom, reality sets in…your child doesn’t care one iota if you’re sick. Neither did your job most likely (until this year, of course). So can a busy mom afford to get the flu?

The answer is HECK TO THE NO, especially in 2020. Now, more than ever, we need to protect ourselves from the flu.

Can a Mom Afford to Get the Flu in 2020? Spoiler Alert: No.

I’m usually pretty good about getting the flu shot, I’ll admit. The one year I skipped it (cough, cough 3 years ago), I got the flu right before one of the biggest blog conferences and trips of my career. Typical.

Can mom afford to get the flu in 2020

I headed to my local MD Now Urgent Care on a Saturday morning and thought I had a sinus infection. Wrong. It was the flu. 🙁 To this day, I’m so grateful they caught it early and gave me a flu treatment. It literally saved me (and my blogging career for all intents and purposes). I was able to go on my Disney Social Media Moms Cruise and have a good (and healthy) time with my family!

I try not to make it a habit of hanging out at MD Now on a Saturday…even though this selfie (from 2017–pre-COVID) with my mom friend below seems to contradict that statement. But as someone who’s usually scheduled to the hilt, it’s oftentimes the most convenient medical care option for me. That also means it’s now my go-to location for getting the flu shot and I can just swing by–no appointment necessary!

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Can mom afford to get the flu in 2020 MD Now
Post-workout MD Now visit
What kind of flu shot does MD Now have?

MD Now offers the Quadrivalent (4-strain) flu shot as its standard seasonal flu vaccine. This provides you with maximum protection at the lowest cost. We even have a coupon for you to get it for FREE HERE! Because when it comes to facing cold and flu season during a pandemic, I feel so much better knowing I can count on MD Now Urgent Care for fast, affordable, and convenient treatment and prevention.

If there’s any chance you think you may have the flu, visit a local MD Now location for influenza testing, treatment and care. For more information to find an MD Now location in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade or Broward County, visit

And remember to get your flu shot! It’s more important than ever this year.

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11 thoughts on “Can a Mom Afford to Get the Flu in 2020? Spoiler Alert: HECK NO”

  1. Preventive measures are so important. I know there’s a lot of differing opinions on whether one should get the flu shot but to me prevention is better than cure.

  2. I’m glad you got better before your trip, I know how it is to be sick on vacation (Disney too -_-) and it SUCKS. I am always a chicken to get the flu shot but this might make me reconsider!

  3. You are SO right; Mom’s cannot afford to get sick or become incapacitated in ANY way! Dad’s can take a whole week off being sick without the entire house disintegrating into madness and destruction but let mommy get thrown off by a virus…. smh.

  4. Yes its so important to stay healthy for your self and your family. Because you are so right us moms – we do not get a day off. And in order to take care of our families we need to take care of ourselves first!

  5. ok first of all…. the Disney Cruise sounds like a blast!!! lol I am so, so scared of shots. I have to have someone go with me and hold my hand – even as a grown up married woman!! It sounds like MD Now took good care of you!

  6. With four kids Urgent care is a life saver to me. Why do they always seem to get sick on the weekends when the dr. office is closed?!

  7. Glad you made your trip! I haven’t had my flu shot since I was pregnant. Maybe I’ll go in when my daughter gets her nasal spray flu vac.

  8. I hate the idea that moms cant afford to get the flu. I get the phrase but hopefully there is a partner involved and supportive in case mom gets sick at all I mean women/moms are still human 🙂 tell Daddy to help too!

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