Is Halloween Happening?! Boca’s Favorite Pediatrician Weighs In…

It seems as though our kids have really taken the brunt of the COVID-19 disappointment in 2020. Between no school, no camp, no birthday parties, no sports, the list goes on & on, it’s straight up DEPRESSING. I know I’m not alone in saying that Halloween is a HUGE deal in our household. It’s a holiday that our Boca kids look forward to. So how, HOW, can we let them down yet again and take away ANOTHER childhood joy in 2020? I mean, is Halloween happening in Boca this year?

I went straight to my source for all things COVID-19 and Boca’s favorite pediatrician, Dr. Chad Rudnick from Boca VIPediatrics to discuss the Halloween dilemma and see if he had any insight. It seems all of Boca Raton {and everywhere else} is waiting for a Halloween hero to come and save the day…

But can it be saved?

Dr. Rudnick says, “The thing we have to remember with COVID-19 is that the risk is all about person, place, time, and space. Meaning that we can lower our risk of catching COVID-19 substantially by”:

  • Being outdoors
  • Maintaining distance from others outside of those in your household
  • Keeping interactions short and moving
  • Wearing masks over our nose and mouth,

Here are some other safety guidelines to help SCARE away those COVID-19 germs and to ensure Halloween is happening in Boca…in some way this year…

“Flu Before Boo!”

Dr. Rudnick, Dr. Gilbert, and Dr. Fisch at Boca VIPediatrics recommend that everybody over the age of 6 months get a flu shot BEFORE Halloween. It’s more important than ever this year to prevent a double outbreak from happening. (And how awesome that Boca VIPediatrics is offering “drive-thru flu shots” to their VIP members!?)

Is Halloween happening in Boca in 2020?

Leave the Candy Outside

Instead of opening the door and making trick-or-treaters ring the doorbell, eliminate this step completely. Consider offering contactless trick-or-treating and leave candy in individually wrapped treat/Ziploc bags on a table outside.

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Wave hi from your porch, garage, or window to avoid direct person to person contact. Don’t forget to include a bottle of hand sanitizer next to the candy bowl to encourage trick-or-treaters to sanitize their hands first.

Put out decorations to let your neighbors know that you’re planning to participate in Halloween festivities. Or, simply turn out the lights if you are not interested in participating in trick-or-treating this year.

Is Halloween happening in Boca in 2020?

Wear a Mask

“Masks can help decrease your risk of spreading or catching COVID-19 drastically,” says Dr. Rudnick. Not to mention, Halloween is the perfect holiday to rock a creative mask anyway!

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

ALWAYS sanitize hands before and after eating and be sure to sanitize any treat/candy wrappers. A “grabber” toy is an awesome trick-or-treat tool to help grab candy instead of using hands!

Keep It In the Family

“This is not the year to host a party, group, or gathering. Wherever you may choose to venture out this fall, it’s best to stay outdoors with your own family and keep distance from others,” says Dr. Rudnick.

Keep a Safe Distance

When approaching a house, be sure to scope out the scene. If you see another group of trick-or-treaters, stay distanced until the group is finished. Avoid crowds or crowded festivals, neighborhoods, or events.

Is Halloween happening in Boca in 2020?

Enjoy a Non-Traditional Halloween

Halloween won’t look like it normally does, but that doesn’t mean it’s cancelled. For a completely low risk holiday, your family can still stay home and watch spooky movies, carve pumpkins, have a candy hunt in your yard, dress up in costumes, play games…and of course: eat candy! Whatever your family chooses to do this Halloween, the most important things to remember are to stay safe and have fun!

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