MOMpreneur Monday: Femme Fromage Grazing Boxes

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

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Modern Boca Mom MOMpreneur Monday

Today’s featured Modern Boca MOMpreneur is Angelique Partington, a partner in Femme Fromage Grazing Boxes Boca Raton.

Femme Fromage grazing boxes Boca Raton

Tell us about your background and how Femme Fromage  in South Florida got started?

My name is Angelique Partington and I’m originally from Amsterdam! My family and I moved to Delray Beach when I was 8 years old to play tennis. I wanted to follow in my dad‘s footsteps and become a professional tennis player, but was getting really burnt out not having a normal life. So, I chose to go to FAU instead.

I got into the hospitality industry which led to me working at the famous Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel in California. I was a maître d’ there for about eight years and really learned a lot about giving customers that white glove exceptional service.

Femme Fromage

As I got in my mid to late 20’s, I saw my friends back in Boca getting married and starting families. Los Angeles isn’t necessarily “the real world” and I was getting caught up in a lot of partying which I didn’t want anymore. So, I moved home to Boca and met my now husband after only two weeks!

After a few years we had our first daughter. We sadly lost our second daughter and eventually had our third. After the loss of our second child, I really wanted to continue being a stay-at-home mom. I realized how precious life was and couldn’t stand to be away from her after such a hard loss. After four years, I finally had the itch to go back to work even though I didn’t want to leave my two girls all day.

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COVID-19 also spurred me into going back to work because my husband’s small business was being affected and our nerves were starting to kick in. I never in a million years would’ve thought that I’d finally go back to work during a global pandemic!

Femme Fromage grazing boxes Boca Raton
#dailybocaavery was a huge fan!
What challenges have you faced in creating grazing boxes Boca Raton through Femme Fromage?

My longtime best friend recently started teaching charcuterie classes in Raleigh, NC. After the pandemic began, she temporarily lost her main job as a hair stylist, but got the brilliant idea of delivering charcuterie boxes to people’s homes!

Since she and her business partner are originally from Boca Raton, people down here started seeing their beautiful boxes and wanted to get them delivered. Since it’s a little too much work to ship these containers and keep them intact (as well as cold), I decided to reach out about forming a partnership to start the South Florida division of Femme Fromage NC.

Femme Fromage grazing boxes Boca Raton

With my experience in the food industry, we were easily able to open up a second location. There has been a lot of hardship during this pandemic. People are stressed out and looking for some kind of comfort during these troubled times. We are so happy to deliver deliciousness safely to people’s doorsteps in a no contact manner.

My business partners, Gabby and Tasha, are both working moms as well. The name of our business is Femme Fromage (which basically means cheese woman in French!) We are strong women looking to empower other women!

What is unique about Femme Fromage grazing boxes Boca Raton?

We are unique because every single order is specially handcrafted and we put our love into every single box. Charcuterie isn’t just putting a few things together–it’s an art. Our goal is to wow every single customer and we’ve actually come to know some of our repeats! We are a small family business, so personal attention to our customers is something we strive for. Our reputation means the world because we do mostly get our business from word-of-mouth!

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Femme Fromage

Why should Modern Boca Mom readers become your clients?

Our food is delicious! We really fill those boxes up to the brim. Femme Fromage grazing boxes Boca Raton doesn’t skimp on the cheese and meats. You really get your money’s worth! We also change up our ingredients periodically so that repeat customers will be able to enjoy different kinds of cheeses each time they order.

Everything is handled in sanitary stations with gloves and masks and boxes are delivered safely to your doorstep. Just add a nice bottle of wine and happy hour never looked better at home! Since we are a small business, we really rely on our reputation. We strive to make everyone happy and come back to order again and again!

Femme Fromage

What exciting things are coming up for Femme Fromage?

So many exciting things are coming! We will be adding different types of charcuterie boxes to our collection. Femme Fromage is currently looking at an add-on dessert charcuterie box, as well as kid boxes with kid-friendly healthy foods.

We have been talking to wine companies as well so we can start adding on bottles of wine as well!

When normal life hopefully resumes soon, we will also offer charcuterie tables for special events like weddings and other celebrations. We also have something extremely exciting in the works, but it’s still top secret!

What do you both love about living and working in South Florida?

I love South Florida because who doesn’t want to live where people vacation? I’ve lived in many different countries and states and I always somehow found my way back to Boca. We don’t have to shovel snow, we can bring our kids to the park year-round, and take quick trips to the Keys. Not to mention, I love the option of cruising over to the Bahamas or taking a day trip to Disney with the family.

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Femme Fromage

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Femme Fromage grazing boxes Boca Raton

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