Socially-Distanced Pediatric Care Changed the Game for Boca Moms During COVID-19

Let me ask you this question: If your child gets sick right now, what are your options? With social distancing guidelines in full effect, the LAST place we want to end up with our kids is a germy doctor’s office or Emergency Room. I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for YEARS! But, if you haven’t become a member of the game-changing Boca VIPediatrics yet, there is actually no. time. like. the. present! Seriously. Launched in 2013, this (currently socially distanced pediatric care in Boca) concept is the answer to all of your parent prayers and peace-of-mind. Plus, there is NOTHING quite like it in our area.

Boca VIPediatrics is a membership model of ultra-personalized, convenient, and accessible pediatric care. They have been offering virtual visits, telemedicine, house calls, and zero wait times at their Central Boca office since 2013. Unlike many other local businesses, Boca VIPediatrics has been set up for game-changing virtual care since its inception 7 years ago.

socially distanced pediatric care
Central Boca pediatric office of the future for Boca VIPediatrics

Boca faves, Dr. Rudnick & Dr. Gilbert were on a waiting list until this month. They just recently started accepting new patients again after bringing fan-favorite & top-rated Palm Beach pediatrician, Dr. Scott Fisch on board as the newest member of their team!

Welcome to Boca Raton, Dr. Fisch!

Socially distanced pediatric care in Boca Raton
Dr. Scott Fisch

So what makes Boca VIPediatrics my go-to Boca pediatrician recommendation all the time (but ESPECIALLY during COVID-19) ?

  • Your Pediatrician In Your Pocket, 24/7/365: I’m not talking about a number that rings to an office line. You know, where you might get a nurse or doctor who doesn’t know you calling you back in an hour? I’m talking about DIRECT access to your doc’s cell phone. Send a photo of a bump after-hours…they’ll text you right back. Send a video of a cough….they’ll listen and evaluate it immediately. (And, they’ll call in a prescription, if needed, directly to the nearest drive-thru pharmacy.) They can handle the vast majority of things virtually–plus it’s always with YOUR OWN DOCTOR who knows your kid(s) best. This is without you ever having to step foot out of your house by the way…
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Socially distanced pediatric care in Boca Raton

  • House Calls: THIS-IS-NOT-A-DRILL! Yes, their doctors still do house calls! And, these guys are lifesavers for conducting newborn visits from your living room. That means you don’t need to leave the house with your baby! These days, in light of social-distancing and to be extra cautious, the Boca VIPediatrics docs are gearing up in full gowns, masks, and gloves before entering your home. That way, your newborn is kept in their own bubble receiving a VIP post-hospital exam directly through your front door.
  • Drive-Thru Vaccines: For infants and babies who need their vaccines, this office is thinking outside-the-box yet again to deliver a socially-distanced P.O.V. with drive-thru vaccines. This socially distanced pediatric care helps you avoid coming into the doctor’s office all while keeping your baby protected and on-track to stay as healthy as possible.

Socially distanced pediatric care in Boca Raton

  • Virtual Visits: Need to go over sleep patterns, behavior challenges, developmental milestones, or just general parenting “freak-out” moments that you’re having (even more of) these days from being home with your littles? With virtual well-checks, the Boca VIPediatrics Pediatricians are blocking out 30-45 minutes to go over all your questions and concerns. You know, the ones that you can’t find the answers to in the parent troubleshooting manual that you never received! 😉
  • Decreased Emergency Visits: During COVID-19, it’s more important than ever before to have your pediatrician a text, email, or phone call away. They’ve saved countless families from trips to the Emergency Room by offering virtual care 24/7, house calls, and curbside care. Aside from saving what could turn into a dangerous trip to a contagious ER right now, this model of pediatric care also potentially saves thousands of dollars in co-pays and expensive hospital bills for urgent care that can only be provided when you have your “pediatrician in your pocket.”
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socially distanced pediatric care

For more information about joining Boca VIPediatrics, check out or call (561) 923-9635. Spots are extremely limited in order to keep their practice ultra small in order to provide the most personalized, round-the-clock care.

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