5 Telehealth Therapy Tips to Help Boca Moms Cope During a Pandemic

Boy, I have never been more happy to have a local Boca Raton therapist as a MBMom partner…especially during this stressful Corona(virus) climate. I think us moms could alllll use some top notch therapy to get us through. And the good news is, YOU CAN GET THAT THERAPY VIRTUALLY! Lori Lundin-Fish, PhD, LMFT, is the owner of Palm Beach Therapy Center and a licensed marriage & family therapist. She is at the ready for anyone needing a mental health lift. And, I convinced her to share 5 telehealth therapy tips to help us Boca moms cope with our new normal. Let’s get started!

5 Telehealth Therapy Tips to Help Boca Moms Cope with Our New Normal

5 Telehealth Therapy Tips to Help Boca Moms Cope with Our New Normal

All people react differently when faced with a crisis. As we are currently experiencing a pandemic, many will be faced with unfamiliar challenges they never have encountered before. As parents, this then comes with a new set of obstacles: homeschooling your children, attending to multiple personalities that are all at home simultaneously, as well as multitasking and juggling home-life and work-life.

Take a deep breath.

Although, the whole world is experiencing the same stressors, how you choose to respond will make all the difference to you and your family.  Here are 5 telehealth therapy tips that can help you navigate through these moments of uncertainty and create a sense of balance or stability amongst chaos.

1. Utilize your support system.

We are fortunate to live in a time where technology is so available to us. Though it can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse, technology is very much needed as people continue to isolate themselves and maintain social distance. This change in lifestyle can be hard because it can also be lonely.

5 Telehealth Therapy Tips to Help Boca Moms Cope with Our New Normal

This is where we need our support system the most. So don’t be shy–if you are missing someone and need space to talk or communicate, pick up the phone and make that call! People often underestimate the true value of human contact and communication. Luckily, all of your contacts are available with a push of a button. Laughing and sharing stories with your friends (who are, by the way, sharing in very similar experiences) can be uplifting and relieving. Moms need their time together, so don’t let this pandemic stop you from doing just that. Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee and Face Time your best friend. When connecting with others, take your time, enjoy the moment.

MBMom Tip: Start a in-car lunch tradition with your mom friends! I’m currently meeting up with my bestie and her kids once a week in our Honda Pilots. We park 6 feet away from each other just so we can share a meal (separately) and be together (apart) in person for an hour. 

5 Telehealth Therapy Tips to Help Boca Moms Cope with Our New Normal

5 Telehealth Therapy Tips to Help Boca Moms Cope with Our New Normal

2. Accept the things you simply cannot change.

This crisis is beyond anyone’s control, so why spend time and energy on an issue that you know you cannot solve? Accept the situation as is, let go of unnecessary pressure and resistance. There are many things that are outside of our control.

Although we cannot change or predict the future, we can control our behavior and how we each choose to respond. Though the chaos, anxiety, and uncertainty may currently exist, be mindful of how these emotions influence you. Be aware of your triggers and your decisions. The choices you make for yourself now may also impact your families and those who are most vulnerable.

3. Utilize positive distractions.

Many are taking this time as an opportunity to work on home projects and focus on self-care. Self-care means you are protecting your own well-being, prioritizing your personal needs, and practicing self-compassion. And you’re already doing that by reading these telehealth therapy tips!

There are many positive and healthy ways to distract from the stressors we experience. Focusing your attention on your environment and creating a space you enjoy is one way to help diminish stress. Completing tasks can also help build a sense of accomplishment and increase confidence. Confidence is important when challenging uncomfortable emotions such as fear, doubt, and guilt.

I re-decorated my breakfast nook!
4. Lean into your curiosity.

People all around have so many beautiful interests (music, art, poetry, literature, culture, film).  Yet, many are not able to immerse themselves in those things. Parents and families are often so focused on maintaining their household, they are unable to do anything simply for themselves.

However, there is no better time than the present. Ask yourself, what is the one thing you have always been curious to learn more about but have not yet had the chance to explore? And then, Do That. When you immerse yourself into something new, you learn more about yourself. Take this opportunity to get to know You.

5. Reorient your focus.

Our mindset is the key element in how we handle stress. Our current reality is a struggle and is impacting everyone in many ways. However, we now have the opportunity to reconnect and spend quality time with those who are closest to us: Our family. Our partners. Our children.

I often hear that families fall into a routine, where partners feel their only interactions with one another consist of “quick hellos” in the middle of a dark hallway as they rush to their next task…as if they are “two ships passing in the night.”

Though change requires some period of adjustment, we are now given the most precious gift of all: Time.

Time is invaluable because each second spent is one we will never get back. So make the most of your time. Watch another episode of your favorite show, read another book to your children, laugh with your spouse and reminisce about all the ways you have grown together. Continue to grow together. Remember, “this too shall pass.” All things in life are temporary, this situation is no different.

Every day, we are faced with new challenges and unexpected changes to our routines. Even the most patient parents and families will experience some difficulties during this time.

Perhaps now, more than ever before, people need a safe outlet to help move forward. In adjusting to these changes (as Modern Boca Mom mentioned above), my private practice has now expanded to provide teletherapy services to Boca Raton and other surrounding areas in Florida. These sessions are made available online via phone or video conferencing. Though many enjoy face-to-face sessions, others prefer the flexibility and comfort of obtaining the same treatment in their home environment.

Contact me today to see if we would be a good fit to work together!

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