Learn All About the NEW Baby Trend Going Viral in Boca Raton

Soon-to-be parents, you’re in the right place for welcoming a new baby into the world! Boca Raton is booming and there is no shortage of baby-friendly places, businesses and professionals to be a part of your family’s “village” and help your Boca baby arrive in style! But there is one particular Boca baby trend for expectant parents that is causing a stir like no other.

No, it’s not a new baby swing or some futuristic diaper. It’s the ability to have your “pediatrician in your pocket” 24/7 with Boca VIPediatrics.

Here’s why new/expectant parents are losing their minds for this service you won’t find anywhere else in Boca…

  1. You Can Call/Text/Email Your Pediatrician 24/7

Since you’ll be the one solely responsible for raising your tiny human, you’re going to have questions…a LOT of them! Sure, you could Google them or ask your mommy friends. Maybe even be brave enough to post your question in a Facebook moms’ group (please don’t!). Or, you could simply send a text or email to your pediatrician and receive a REAL answer back in minutes. Not only will this save you valuable time and give you incredible peace-of-mind, but nights, weekends, holidays, whenever…you always have your pediatrician in your pocket.

Trust me, your baby will thank you later.

Boca baby trend

  1. House Calls, YES!

Your baby’s very first newborn exam (once you leave the hospital) will be performed by your pediatrician AT YOUR HOUSE. That means, after you give birth, instead of putting your 3 or 4 day old baby into a car seat and driving to the doctor, the doctor comes to YOU. Dr. Rudnick and Dr. Gilbert spend as much time with you as needed and get to know your family in the comfort of your own home.

Boca baby trend

3. No Waits…Ever for this Boca Baby Trend

Because Boca VIPediatrics has a very limited number of patients, you’ll never have to wait in a waiting room with your baby. In fact, when you come to the office for those 9 scheduled visits during the first year of life, you’ll have the whole office virtually to yourselves. Boca VIPediatrics only schedules one family at a time to avoid your precious bundle being exposed to unnecessary germs. This is your chance to feel like a “Boca Beyoncé” and be on top of this Boca baby trend. You know you’ve always wanted to! 😉

Boca baby trend

  1. Personalized, Personalized, Personalized

Did I mention the service is personalized? You’ll have a pediatrician and BFF wrapped into one when you receive instructions like, “Text me when you get home from the hospital, so I know you all made it home okay,” when you’re discharged with your newborn. Visits at the office last up to an hour or more with your doctor. They run the entire appointment to ensure you have all your questions answered. If/when you need to see a specialist, lactation consultant, or need lab work/imaging, you’ll receive priority appointments and expedited results from the concierge team at Boca VIPediatrics. The old-fashioned service and Boca baby trend has generated praise-worthy buzz around town from so many moms & dads. They are raving about having a “small town” pediatrician who knows their family like the back of their hand! Just check out their Facebook reviews!

Boca baby trend

5. Go To The Office…Or Don’t

Let’s say you have a question about diaper rash or a funny noise your baby keeps making. At other pediatric offices, you’ll need to schedule an appointment to speak with your doctor (if you can even get one). At Boca VIPediatrics, you can text a video or photo along with your question and opt for a virtual visit instead. You’ll receive a diagnosis and treatment plan back in minutes!

Boca baby trend

6. A Backstage Prenatal Tour Like No Other

You’ll be treated like royalty when you tour Boca VIPediatrics’ immaculate office, have a sit down meeting with Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Rudnick and ask all of your questions. You’ll learn about all of the amazing amenities available to VIPs and how fun of an environment they make the office for kids with bubble parties and virtual reality (for older kids). Keep an eye out for the pregnancy surprises waiting for you at your arrival!

Boca baby trend

  1. All-Inclusive, Affordable Membership

Similar to a heath club, you’ll pay a monthly membership equivalent to the cost of a daily Starbucks. This includes all visits, vaccines, 24/7 access, house calls, and everything your baby needs in their first year of life. There are no co-pays or surprise bills and you can even request insurance claim forms to be reimbursed by your insurance company for the visits.

So you can actually be paid back by your insurance company for going to Boca VIPediatrics!

8. Registry Reviews

The Mommy Recommended, Pediatrician Approved Registry Review program is an awesome perk for expectant parents. You can request a registry review and the team at Boca VIPediatrics will go through it with a fine-tooth comb, making sure each product is safe and efficient.

9. Add It To Your Own Registry!

So many expectant parents worry about the perfect crib, stroller, or swaddle blanket. How awesome would it be to REGISTER for 24/7 access to your pediatrician? You can add a membership gift certificate to your baby registry so you’ll have a pediatrician in your pocket for your first 365 days as a new parent! Grandparents, take note!

10. The Best Soon-to-Be Mom/Dad “Boot Camp” in Town

Be sure to check out the hottest baby class in town for expectant parents: BABY UNIVERSITY! It will keep you and your partner laughing all while learning how to prepare for baby. It’s the only class in town taught by pediatricians, so you’ll be hearing the most up-to-date information and recommendations from The American Academy of Pediatrics. Classes are held at Boca Regional Hospital. Spots are very limited and classes always sell out! Be sure to register early. For upcoming dates and more information, visit www.BocaVIPediatrics.com/BabyUniversity.

So, how do you secure your baby a spot for this VIP style of care?

Modern Boca Mom to the rescue…I’ve got the steps right here:

Step One: Call them early to schedule your “prenatal backstage tour” for this Boca baby trend. Because they take a very limited number of newborns each month, you’ll want to make sure you lock down your spot ASAP. They can sometimes book out as early as 6 months in advance, so don’t wait on this one. You can reach them at (561) 923-9635 or fill out their online contact form HERE.

Step Two: Your Complimentary “Meet the Docs” Backstage Tour! This is where you’ll tour the office, meet Dr. Rudnick, Dr. Gilbert and the rest of the Boca VIPediatrics family, and get to ask all of your questions.

Step Three: Breathe a sigh of relief that your baby got himself/herself a spot for the best VIP care in town!

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