How to Stop Getting Into Bedtime Battles With Toddlers

Every parent dreams of the day that their child starts sleeping through the night and stays sleeping through the night. Getting enough sleep is so important to being a happy and healthy person. It is easiest to build these good toddler bedtime routine habits when your child is young. So, here are some tips!

Develop a Toddler Bedtime Routine

Routines are important for all of us, especially for young children. The earlier you can get your kid started on a bedtime routine, the better.

This starts with a consistent bedtime and morning alarm, which the Center for Disease Control recommends for everyone.

Once you’ve set a bedtime, you can do something calming and fun with your child such as having a bath and then story time together. This has the added benefit of being great bonding time. This routine can be adjusted as your child gets older and grows out of needing you to bathe them every night or wanting a bedtime story. But, it’s important that they have a routine every night.

Avoid Distractions in the Bedroom

Most kids toys offer lights, sounds and tactile sensations that are designed to keep your child’s attention. This can also be distracting when it comes to bedtime. It’s especially true if your child is mobile enough get themselves out of bed after you’ve put them to sleep.

It’s not a problem to have a stuffed animal or a comforting blanket, but if they are having trouble sleeping and they can see their toys, they are more likely to get up and start playing with them instead of counting sheep.

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Try moving your kid’s toys out of their bed’s line of site if you have an issue with them playing at night.

Toddler bedtime routine

No Electronics

Limiting screen time is a topic that many parents are divided on. But, when it comes to sleep, the less time your child spends on electronics in the evenings, the better.

Electronics like phones and tablets emit blue spectrum lights that tell your brain to stay awake and pay attention to it. Those same lights cause our brains to stop producing melatonin, the natural hormone that makes us sleepy.

Avoid electronics for at least three hours before bed whenever possible. If you absolutely have to let them use electronics, turn on night shift mode to help limit these effects.

Make Their Space Comfy

Once you have set up a toddler bedtime routine for your child, you should take some time to watch them sleep. If they are tossing and turning constantly, it might be because that they’re uncomfortable on their mattress.

You wouldn’t want to sleep in an uncomfortable bed either. So, if you find that your toddler is falling asleep more often on the couch or another piece of furniture, it may be time to change up the mattress in their crib.

You should also make sure that their room is dark and cool, with enough air flow to be comfortable but not cold.

Comment below with your sleep progress, mamas!