Spicy in St. Augustine | Getting Away for the Health of Your Marriage

Sometimes, even the most seasoned of couples can use a little spice in their life. After you have children, it’s so easy to fall into the day-to-day parenting routine, unintentionally pushing romance to the backseat of your relationship. That “backseat” description is rather perfect too, because this blog post is all about taking road trips for a healthy marriage! (I just love it when the blog writing flows, LOL…) 

My point is, sometimes you need to get AWAY to focus on YOU as a couple…not JUST as ‘mom and dad.’ Eliminate the kids = eliminate the distractions.

trips for a healthy marriage Mazda3 Grand Touring

For us, that meant taking a kid-free trip to our college town of St. Augustine, FL! To get there (and home again), we partnered with Mazda to experience their 2018 Mazda3 Grand Touring. Even though it has 4 doors, I wouldn’t personally classify it as a family sedan– I reserve Mazda’s SUV’s for that honor.  It was a “zippy red car with a sunroof”…and so much more as we headed up I-95 to our nation’s oldest city by ourselves.

trips for a healthy marriage Mazda3 Grand Touring

trips for a healthy marriage Mazda3 Grand Touring

Road Trips for a Healthy Marriage

On our 4 hour drive north from Boca Raton, we definitely enjoyed the Mazda3’s leatherette-trimmed sport seats and steering wheel. Our car’s MAZDA CONNECT™ Infotainment System also kept us entertained with us taking full advantage of Sirius XM satellite radio and the navigation system. The icing on the Mazda cake? Our Grand Touring boasted a Bose® 9 speaker surround sound system with Centerpoint® 2 and AudioPilot® 2. Sound heaven I tell you. There’s nothing better than Bose!

trips for a healthy marriage Mazda3 Grand Touring

trips for a healthy marriage Mazda3 Grand Touring

The Mazda3 has SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS which is a new technology that helps give drivers and passengers a less fatiguing drive. This is key both on long drives and when scooting around town. Learn more about that tech on the Mazda website HERE.

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trips for a healthy marriage Mazda3 Grand Touring

Solo in St. Augustine

Once we arrived in St. Augustine at our bed & breakfast (a super cute “old Florida” place, The Cozy Inn),  we opened up a bottle of wine and relaxed. Alone in a hotel room with a guaranteed full night’s sleep ahead of us? Ooh la la!

We had a couple of college alumni events to attend the following day, but aside from those we could do whatever we wanted! I had a strong urge to sleep in and go shopping for clothes at the outlet mall (in peace). Modern Boca Dad wanted to get craft cocktails (love Odd Birds) and have a nice dinner (I highly recommend Preserved restaurant in Lincolnville). We did it all– without rushing, without begging a little person to put on shoes and without having to wipe, feed or chase anyone. It was heaven.

This summer, I highly recommend adding “taking road trips for a healthy marriage” to the top of your to do list. Being a mother is wonderful and you don’t have to go far to spice up your marriage. But maybe like me, you’ll actually get back to feeling connected to your partner as a wife and adult woman again. It’s a great feeling!

trips for a healthy marriage

Disclosure: Modern Boca Mom was loaned a 2018 Mazda3 Grand Touring for the period of one week for consideration in this blog post.

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