The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Boca Family and 5 Reasons Why

From the moment you become a parent, you are faced with decisions every single day. Disposable diapers or cloth? Public school or private? Next come the extracurricular activities, endless birthday party invitations, and the decision day when they first ask to go to the mall with friends {minus a parent- WELP!} However big or small these decisions may seem, they tell the story of your Boca Raton family and shape the way your child will grow up.

But then there’s one decision every Boca Raton family is faced with that everyone can agree should be at the top of that laundry list of decisions: Healthcare. And there is one healthcare option that’s started somewhat of a movement for local families. Let’s just say the carpool lines, splash pads, and mommy & me classes echo often with buzz about the coolest concept for pediatric care in Boca: Boca VIPediatrics.

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

So what IS this magical concept? It’s a pediatric smart office that has built quite the fan base in Boca and beyond between new parents, veteran parents, and even celebrity parents. In fact, it’s much more than an office…it’s a lifestyle choice for your family that’s making major waves by keeping Boca kids the healthiest and Boca  parents the sanest {no easy feat!} It’s not an urgent care, it’s not an assembly line, it’s a concept that blends old-fashioned service and the most modern care with your Boca family’s own private board-certified pediatrician, and spots are hard to come by. Here’s why:

  1. Your Boca Raton Family’s Own Private Board-Certified Pediatrician 24/7

At Boca VIPediatrics, parents have 24/7 access to text, email, call, and virtual visit with their own board-certified pediatrician (the famous Dr. Rudnick & Dr. Gilbert!) for any questions or concerns that pop up either day or night. {You get your Pediatrician’s cell phone number and email, and it’s NOT just for emergencies.} This saves unnecessary trips to the E.R., countless hours spent in a waiting room, and even taking off days from work/school all just to see your doctor for simple questions that can be answered virtually. Record your child’s cough on video, email it over. Take a photo of that suspected pink eye or nasty rash, shoot a text. Your questions are answered, your child’s medication {if needed} is called into your pharmacy, and your mom-sanity meter is freakishly low.

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Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

  1. The Doctor Will See You NOW {Whether In Person or Virtually}

VIP members of Boca VIPediatrics are guaranteed same day appointments, no waits at the office, and even house calls for urgent care. It’s 2018 and parents shouldn’t have to wait hours, days, or even weeks to be seen by their doctor. Boca VIPediatrics has their patients covered with direct, priority access no matter where or when.

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

  1. All Care Is Delivered By Your Board-Certified Pediatrician

It’s important for parents to know that some providers that your child could see in South Florida are NOT Board-Certified Pediatricians or even doctors. Boca VIPediatrics has the secret ingredient for discerning Boca families that value the very best care; a board-certified pediatrician that knows your child’s history like the back of their hand and are truly accessible 24/7.

Unlike an urgent care that doesn’t know your child, a provider that’s not a board-certified pediatrician, or the surprise of seeing a different doctor at every sick visit, Boca VIPediatrics delivers top-notch pediatric care by your family’s board-certified pediatrician EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! With your doctor running the entire visit from beginning to end, you’ll feel like your being transported back to the days of old-school “Doc Hollywood” care with a real relationship with the pediatrician who knows your child best.

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

  1. Small, Personalized, and “Disney” Trained

Every visit is personalized and every staff member knows you, your child, and your family. “The Nicest Staff In Town Guarantee” is part of this family-owned and operated office, run by Dr. Rudnick’s wife and former Disney Princess, Ashley! School forms, camp forms, scheduling a same day appointment, or even using their concierge to help snag that “impossible-to-get” appointment with a specialist are all part of the magic this office team creates.

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Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

  1. Affordable Annual/Monthly Membership for Your Boca Raton Family

I know it SOUNDS too good to be true, but the town is a-buzz that this type of care is not only AWESOME, but ACCESSIBLE to all kinds of Boca Raton families. They work on a membership program, similar to a health club, where your care is all-inclusive with completely transparent pricing (no surprise bills), and less than a daily Starbucks latte.

This one really is a no-brainer, but it’s a decision that puts your child’s healthcare on a completely new level. Aside from the access and convenience from a parent’s point-of-view, Boca VIPediatrics offers truly “the best of the best” for Boca Raton families (and the “Best of Boca – Best Pediatrician” award by Sun-Sentinel to prove it!)

Interested in hearing more about Boca VIPediatrics? You can schedule a complimentary “backstage tour” of their office and meet Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Rudnick. Spots are limited, and wait lists open when they “cap out” in a certain age category. Head on over to or call their office at 561-923-9635.

Boca Raton families call it “The best decision they ever made for their children!”

{See their 5 Star Facebook Reviews Here:}

Boca Raton family Boca VIPediatrics

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