What You Should LOVE About Your Boca Raton School

Valentine’s Day is this week and I’m feeling the looooovvvveeee! But reality check: it also falls on a Wednesday. I know that despite my romantic dinner plans, it’s still a Boca Raton school night. So, it’s a good thing my family LOVES our school!

It’s no secret #dailybocaavery attends and I work a few days each week at Grandview Preparatory School. I helped launch their Modern Boca Mommy & Me program there in 2014 and literally counted down the days until Avery was old enough to attend their Early Childhood program (age 3- FYI). We love it there for so many unique reasons. And even though I want all of my readers to enroll their kids at Grandview, I chatted with their faculty and staff to compile a few reasons why you should also love YOUR Boca Raton school!

Boca Raton School Grandview Preparatory School
Your Boca Raton School is a Community

it takes a village to raise a child and your school should be that village, working together to know the whole child.

Grandview Learning Specialist, Susan Rose loves that “our small community of teachers all know their student and go out of their way to be supportive and helpful.” Second grade teacher, Alberto Flores likes that “Grandview classrooms are open and welcoming to families anytime!” I definitely take advantage of that policy when I’m on campus. ūüėČ

It’s Even an Extension of Your Own Family

Your school should become the family you CHOOSE!

5th grade teacher, Jill Kittredge thinks, “Grandview families love the fact that our school is an extension of their own family.¬† They know that when their children are dropped off in the morning that they will be loved and cared for as if they were our own children.¬† Families know that their children are in a safe and happy environment, which encourages better learning at all levels. “

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Peace of mind is priceless, amirite?

Family Time is Invaluable

Life becomes so much easier when siblings can attend school together and see each other at various times throughout the day. It’s also ideal when the whole family can¬†participate in both learning and extracurricular activities on the same schedule.

Grandview Head of School, Jackie Westerfield says, “Time is such a valuable asset in this day and age, most families benefit from shared experiences that don’t involve balancing multiple school calendars and schedules.”

I have a hard enough time balancing my own work/life schedule. It’s so nice that our school works to make events and activities convenient for families!

What do you love about your Boca Raton school? Comment below- we want to hear from YOU!

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