Going Back to School After Winter Break: 4 Tips on How to Cope Without Hittin’ the Sauce

The kids went back to school today! Hurrah! Hurrah! How did your morning go? Was it smooth sailing or did you encounter a little push-back from your little (or big) ones? My daughter was excited to return to her class and friends, but I basically forgot everything at home– nap stuff, water bottle, laptop… It’s tough to get back into a daily routine heading back to school after winter break! #needmorecoffee #needtodrinklesswine

Here are 4 tips from me and my friends at Grandview Preparatory School that I’m putting into place this week to help your family and mine cope with going back to school after winter break:
Get to bed EARLY

Not only the kids, but you too, mama. Hitting the snooze button over and over again does not start your day off on the right note. If everyone in your household gets more sleep as they go back to school after winter break, your whole family will be in higher spirits…and not the alcoholic kind. Plus, you’ll be better equipped to fight off any colds going around.

school after winter break

Susan Rose, the Personalized Learning Coordinator at Grandview Preparatory Schoolrecommends families:

  • Dim the lights and light a few candles before bedtime. Put on calming music and try to lower the energy level in the house.
  • Create a bedtime routine that does not involve the use of a screen. The light emitted from the screen is thought to have a detrimental effect on circadian rhythms, thus disrupting sleep.
  • Reading to your children or telling them stories at bedtime will  also create a calming routine for sleep. This is also one of the best methods for increasing a child’s literacy skills.
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MBMom Tip: Sleep better with this lavender bed spray. {Affiliate link}

Set everything by the door

Don’t do what I did this morning. Put all of the bags you and your children will need for the next day right by the front door. That way everything is completely visible as you load up the car the next morning. P.S. Don’t you wish your entryway looked like this?

school after winter break

Start planning your next family vacation

We all need something to look forward to! Why not start planning your Spring Break cruise or trip to visit family in another part of the country. There’s always Walt Disney World too…

Ms. Rose also recommends sharing excitement with your kids about the fun activities the second half of the school year will bring!  Look through the calendar and talk about all of the fun events your school has coming up such as Homecoming, Spring Concerts and Family Fun Night.

Meal plan

I know it takes time, but whip out your planner and figure out which nights you’ll need to plan dinner for during the week ahead. This will save your sanity and make grocery shopping a lot easier. We love using a service like HelloFresh to take the pressure off planning a couple meals each week (Save $30 on your first box with my code BOCAMOM30).

As for the AM, I’ve been digging Jamba Juice for the mornings when I need a quick and healthy breakfast. Their juice shots are amazing!

Second half of the school? You got this, mamas!

Susan Rose is the Personalized Learning Coordinator at Grandview Preparatory School.  Her role at Grandview involves a variety of responsibilities geared toward individualizing the learning experience for the student.  She believes the best gift we can give students is to help them realize and strengthen their strengths.  Susan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication Disorders from Western Kentucky University,  Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from University of Kentucky, and an Educational Specialist degree in Brain Based Learning from Nova Southeastern University.  

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