How’s Your Kid Doing in School? 3 Ways to Help Your Florida Child Succeed

There’s a certain bias that comes along with motherhood. You as a parent, at some point or another, will think your child is the best at something. That ‘something’ varies from kid to kid, but usually indicates they are succeeding in some small way. Makes you feel proud, right? I recently discovered that #dailybocaavery is a rather talented performer. Now, whether that talent is singing, dancing, acting or some combo remains to be seen (she is only 4 after all…). But, I do know one thing that’s contributed to her overall and academic success: her good health! I work hard to make sure my kid stays healthy, so she can be her most successful self. Here’s how you can help your own Florida child succeed…

florida child succeed
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3 Ways to Help Your Florida Child Succeed

Make sure they’re getting fuel for school

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day! I may not be able control what my child eats for hot lunch each day, but I can make sure she starts her morning off right. I stock up on breakfast foods with protein and healthy fats so she’s ready and raring to learn. Getting my child to actually sit down and eat in a timely manner is a whole other story though…

Ensure your child has quality health coverage

Did you know over 257,000 kids in Florida don’t have health coverage? It boggles my mind because there underlies a very simple premise: a healthy kid doesn’t miss school. That fact alone can only help their academic performance, mamas!

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florida child succeed
Photo by Sweet Memories Photography

Florida KidCare insurance plans are designed specifically with kids in mind. Their coverage provides access to the services they need at each stage of growth and development. Florida KidCare offers health, dental, vision and preventive care, just to name a few. And it’s so easy to enroll! You can do so anytime (so enrollment is NOW) and 90% of parents say enrolling was simple and quick.

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When opportunity knocks…open the door

You know how I mentioned Avery was a reasonably talented performer? Well, she recently had the opportunity to shoot a ‘featured extra’ role in an upcoming cable network movie. It was so cool!

florida child succeed
A star is born!

She did some pseudo stunt work, falling off a jungle gym a few times into the movie star’s arms (I’ll tell you I was glad I had emergency health coverage that day!). I didn’t actively seek out the job for her, but when a local casting director approached us, we said yes to the gig!

I hope that as my daughter goes through life, she’ll take advantage of all of the opportunities that come her way and be the success I can already see she is!

florida child succeed
Photo by Sweet Memories Photography

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