The Boca Business That Became Hurricane Superheroes

During times of crisis is when people’s true colors really show. Although Boca Raton families dodged a bullet with Hurricane Irma, many are still dealing with major issues. The aftermath of damage to property, zero power, limited access to businesses and of course, the thousands upon thousands of evacuees who are trying to make their way back home.

And what a crazy week it has been for all of us! The hurricane preparations alone were enough to drive this Boca mom insane. Not to mention the anxiety of going through the storm. Luckily in our community of Boca Raton, we’ve seen an outpouring of kindness and strength like never before.

One particular business took home the award (in my opinion) for being Boca Hurricane Superheroes by proving that having a “pediatrician in your pocket” is now more necessary than ever. A normal day for Pediatricians Chad Rudnick, MD and Paul Gilbert, MD includes texting or emailing with patients, making house calls and being available on their personal cell phones 24/7 for parents with questions or concerns.

Boca hurricane superheroes

But throughout our Irma ordeal, the Boca VIPediatrics team proved that their services are more than just a pediatric smart office. They’re an absolute necessity for parents! That’s why they decided to open their services to the ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA during the storm.

“It’s a scary time for everyone right now, and we want to help in any way that we can,” says Dr. Rudnick, founder of Boca VIPediatrics.

5 Reasons Why this Business Became Boca Hurricane Superheroes

  1. They opened their services for FREE to the entire state of Florida during the Hurricane

Many children and parents were {literally} left in the dark this weekend with no access to their pediatrician at the start of cold/flu season. That’s why they decided to offer their services to the entire state of Florida during the storm. They offered FREE virtual visits for sick children who couldn’t access their pediatrician during Hurricane Irma. Parents were able to connect via video messaging completely free of charge if they had an urgent question or concern about their child. This makes my heart swell!

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Boca hurricane superheroes

  1. Their pediatric smart office never closed

While many medical offices had to close during the storm, the pediatricians at Boca VIPediatrics never lost their most important resource: their cell phones. Because each patient has their doctor’s personal number, members of Boca VIPediatrics were always connected. They could be in touch whether they were evacuating or riding out the storm at home. 

Boca hurricane superheroes

  1. They made house calls

In the days following the hurricane, while most offices had no power and remained closed, Boca VIPediatrics Pediatricians were able to make house calls to see sick kids. This is another hallmark service they provide for their VIP families. 

Boca hurricane superheroes

  1. They utilized telemedicine that saved families from having to go to the ER

Boca VIPediatrics offers two life-changing telemedicine products to their VIP families that no other pediatric office in Florida does.

  • A digital otoscope device that clips onto a parent’s iPhone and sends secure video of the inner ear to the doctor via email. If you suspect an ear infection, you can send a video to Dr. Rudnick or Dr. Gilbert using the iPhone otoscope from anywhere in the world. Your child can be diagnosed and treated within minutes.
  • A digital stethoscope that also clips to a parent’s iPhone. It sends heart/lung sounds to the the doctors from any location. They personally saved two separate families trips to the ER by diagnosing pneumonia via the iPhone stethoscope during Hurricane Irma.

Boca hurricane superheroes

  1. They managed/treated illnesses remotely for families who evacuated

With families in over 14 different states during the largest evacuation in U.S. History, the Boca VIPediatrics team was able to arrange for prescriptions, answer urgent questions and make sure their VIP families were healthy no matter which state they evacuated to. Whether it was requesting a prescription from a pharmacy in Georgia or diagnosing an ear infection in New York, Dr. Rudnick and Dr. Gilbert worked tirelessly to provide care during this stressful time for parents.

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Bottom line, whether it’s a time of crisis or not (let’s hope for NOT for the rest of the year…), Boca VIPediatrics has once again proven that their team and doctors are more than just an average medical office. They are Boca hurricane superheroes!

Boca hurricane superheroes

Their level of commitment to their VIP patients and the community is one that you just don’t find easily anymore. When your kids get sick, there is absolutely NOTHING better than knowing you have a personal pediatrician for your family who is on call for you 24/7/365…rain, shine, OR hurricane.

For information about becoming a member of Boca VIPediatrics, visit or call (561) 923-9635.

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