OMG, My Kid Broke his Tooth! What to Do Next?

When #dailybocaavery was 3, she thought it would be a great idea to climb atop her bathroom counter to get her toothbrush by herself. Of course, that little stunt didn’t go as planned and she slipped and hit her mouth right on the sink faucet. I inspected my child for damage and boom: chipped tooth. I was upset…but also relieved. There was no blood. Minimal tears. It could have been so much worse. At the time, I didn’t have Dr. Drew Popper, my handy Junior Smiles dentist in my life! Luckily, he’s now my go to resource in Boca Raton for pediatric dental emergencies. (And hint hint, he should be YOURS too!)

This month’s touchy topic? OMG, My Kid Broke his Tooth!

Junior Smiles dentist

Advice from Junior Smiles Dentist, Dr. Popper

  1. What is the first thing I should do if I see my child break his/her tooth?

If your child has a broken tooth, most importantly, STAY CALM.

  • First, make sure your child is okay and the trauma is only limited to their oral cavity. If they are dizzy or lose consciousness, it is best to bring them to the emergency room.
  • Once you have determined they are stable, do your best to retrieve the broken piece of tooth and bring it with you to your pediatric dentist so they can evaluate the area.
  1. How quickly should I get to my dentist’s office?

Small chips on baby teeth are extremely common. They may require small procedures like filing down any sharp areas or placing a white filling. If the tooth is not mobile, bleeding or sensitive however, it is not a true emergency and can wait until the dentist’s office opens.

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If it’s a permanent tooth and a large piece has fractured off, it’s likely your child will be very sensitive to hots and colds.  This is when it will be important to contact your pediatric dentist.

If a permanent tooth is displaced or completely falls out due to trauma, call your pediatric dentist as soon as possible. This is a true emergency which needs to be addressed. Any broken pieces or whole teeth should be placed in milk immediately.

Junior Smiles dentist: OMG, My Kid Broke his tooth!

  1. Now I’m on my way to the dentist’s office. What can I expect?

The first thing your Junior Smiles dentist will do is examine the area.  They will look at the teeth themselves and any soft tissue (lips, gums) to determine the extent of the injury.

Second, they will likely take a radiograph to evaluate the root of the tooth and the surrounding bone. There could be no treatment rendered OR several other procedures may be necessary. It all depends on the injury.

Most important, keep calm and reassure your child they will be fine! Your pediatric dentist has had extensive training in this area and will know the proper protocol.

  1. This is also why a traumatic incident ideally shouldn’t be the FIRST time your child meets their dentist, yes?

The most common time for children to have trauma is when they are 2-3 years old and newly walking and running. They are prone to falling (and landing) flat on their faces.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children should be seen as early as age 1. One of the reasons for this is so that if a young child does experience trauma at a young age, they’ll already have built a rapport with their dentist and will be in a much more comfortable setting.

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Great point, Dr. Popper!

If you have any other pediatric dental questions or concerns, feel free to follow up with an email to me at

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