Back to School: The Boca Preschool Parent’s Survival List

…and just like that, the Boca summer days melted away and it’s already time for all things back-to-school! While we won’t have a change of seasons until, I don’t know, that one week in January (fingers crossed!), Boca parents are certainly getting ready for fall by stocking up on lunch boxes, backpacks, and new shoes for their kiddos. But, if you’re sending your little one off to a Boca preschool, you’re probably realizing that you have a much different back-to-school supply list than your run of the mill notebook and folder requirement.

Luckily, I’ve enlisted the help of my friends at Boca VIPediatrics to help prepare parents for what to expect and ensure a happy and healthy year for the littlest students of Boca Raton.

Boca preschool Boca VIPediatrics

Boca preschool Boca VIPediatrics

Voted “Best of Boca – Best Pediatrician,” Dr. Chad Rudnick and Dr. Paul Gilbert with Boca VIPediatrics are no strangers to helping parents navigate the ins and outs of Boca preschool. Read on to find out the pediatrician-recommended must-haves that an help guarantee a successful and safe school year.

Boca Preschool Survival List:

Boca preschool Boca VIPediatrics

Hand washing

The single most important way to keep Boca preschool germs away is by practicing good hand hygiene. Make sure you practice hand washing with your preschooler to ensure they are well-versed in the art of the ‘good hand scrub’. (Try singing the ABC’s to make sure they’re washing for the perfect amount of time.) Make sure your child’s Boca preschool teachers are having all children wash their hands as many times a day as possible. But, mainly before eating and after using the bathroom.

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Virtual Visits Via Text/Email With Your Pediatrician

Having a “Pediatrician In Your Pocket” is a life-saving resource for busy parents of preschoolers. Because they’ll be getting sick more frequently than any other time in their life, having your pediatrician a text message or email away is going to save your family time, money, and get your little one better, faster. More than ever, you’re going to need your pediatrician on speed dial.

Boca preschool Boca VIPediatrics

“Preschool age children are sick around 8-12 times per year. With each illness lasting up to 2 weeks for many common cold viruses, parents should be prepared when their child gets sick. Dr. Gilbert and I provide tips and tricks to try and limit the number of total illnesses and help to get kids feeling better, faster when they do get sick. This limits missed days of school and parents miss fewer days of work to care for their sick child,” explains Dr. Rudnick.

Sippy Cup

You’ll need a durable, non-leaky sippy cup to pack daily for your Boca preschooler. You’ll want to be sure that the mouthpiece is covered and that your child feels comfortable drinking out of it. Be sure to take the entire cup apart each night so you are washing each compartment and drying it completely. You certainly don’t want any mold growing in there!


Whether it’s a bento box or lunch bag, what’s most important about lunch are the contents inside. Pack foods you know your child will eat and save the adventurous new foods for times when you are with your child. Make sure foods that are choking hazards, such as grapes, are properly sliced lengthwise.

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Boca preschool Boca VIPediatrics

The Oto Home iPhone Attachment

Ear infections are among the most common preschool-aged illness, and are responsible for 30 million visits to the doctor each year in the U.S.

This game-changing device clips onto your iPhone and sends secure video of your child’s inner ear right to Dr. Gilbert or Dr. Rudnick at Boca VIPediatrics. So, when you suspect an ear infection, you can send them a video clip and they’ll be able to diagnose on the spot, saving you a trip to the office. This device is only available to VIPs at Boca VIPediatrics, Boca’s pediatric smart office.

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen and bug spray as part of your morning routine. Boca preschoolers spend good quality time outdoors. Even if that time is in a shaded area, it’s important to keep your preschooler protected from bug bites and harmful UV rays.

Boca preschool Boca VIPediatrics
Mom sprained her ankle, so here’s Dr. Rudnick doing a quick “curbside check-up” for a quick sick visit in the parking lot!

If your family is looking to start the school year one step ahead of all those yucky Boca preschool illnesses, you’ll definitely want to grab a VIP spot (while they last!) at Boca VIPediatrics so you can keep your pediatrician in your pocket.

With house calls, no waits at their Central Boca Raton office, virtual visits, 24/7 access to text/email/call your pediatrician, your preschooler is in the best possible hands in their care.

To learn more about becoming a VIP at Boca VIPediatrics, visit or call 561-923-9635.

You can also visit them on Facebook to read reviews of what other parents are saying (Spoiler alert: They have all 5 star rave reviews!) {}

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How will Boca VIPediatrics save the day this back-to-school season for YOUR child?

Boca preschool Boca VIPediatrics

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