Top Pediatricians in Boca Spill Must-Have Parenting Secrets

Top pediatricians in Boca Raton, Doctors Chad Rudnick and Paul Gilbert, are no strangers to answering the most commonly Googled questions for parenting healthy kids. Every day at their local office, they block out an entire hour for their patients to conduct wellness check-ups and answer parents’ questions the way docs did in the good ‘ole days. Thecarry black “house call bags” for actual house visits, keep their cell phones on them 24/7 in case parents have questions via text or email, and spend a TON of time focusing on wellness.

More wellness = healthier patients in their book!

Between their ultra-personalized office visits and 24/7 “pediatrician-in-your-pocket” on-call status, it’s no wonder the docs at Boca VIPediatrics have quickly become top pediatricians in Boca. “We want to empower parents by bringing back the old-fashioned relationship young patients had with their doctor. So, we encourage them to reach out anytime. Any questions they forget to ask in the office, they can always email or text directly to us 24/7,” says Chad Rudnick, MD, founder of the nation’s first pediatric smart office, Boca VIPediatrics.

top pediatricians in Boca

The Johns Hopkins-trained Dr. Gilbert knows that parents of babies and toddlers are not the only ones who rely on their pediatrician for healthy development. As “Camp Physician” at Camp KenMont/KenWood, one of the nation’s premier sleepaway camps in the Berkshires, he’s also accustomed to bonding with school-aged, adolescent, and teenage patients. “The relationship between the pediatrician and a school-aged child or teenager is what allows us to maintain their health. This helps them grow into successful young adults,” says Gilbert.

Read on to see what secrets top pediatricians in Boca, Dr. Rudnick and Dr. Gilbert, are spilling regarding healthy parenting!
  1. The Secret To Just About Every Sleep Question Is…

Consistency. We get asked this question every single day. While our office goes into more detail about methods, products, etc. to help our patients (and parents!) sleep, the bottom line is always: Be consistent.

Human beings (especially babies) are creatures of habit. We tend to want to go to bed at the same time each night, wake up at the same time each morning, and sit at the same spot at the kitchen table for dinner. Once you’ve spoken with your pediatrician and your partner about a routine that works well for your family, stick with it. It sounds easy in theory, but sometimes life gets in the way, which is the difficult part.

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You may have to decline plans that interfere with naptime or bedtime, and you’ll likely catch some flack from family or friends who don’t understand why you’re running such a tight ship. Once you get the routine down and have a consistently good sleeper (at least 2 months), then it’s possible to bend the rules for a special occasion like a family dinner or vacation.

  1. Don’t Google; Ask Your Pediatrician

When it comes to your child’s health, we don’t want you guessing or crowdsourcing. Every time you Google your child’s symptoms, chances are your diagnosis will be WRONG. If you ask your other parent friends or post a question to a Facebook group, you may even be given information that is potentially dangerous. You should never have to wonder when it comes to the health of your child or avoid seeking the help of your pediatrician because it’s after-hours or a weekend.

top pediatricians in Boca

At Boca VIPediatrics, there is no waiting until the next day or Monday morning when you have a concern about your child. All of our families can reach us 24/7 to ask questions if and when they arise. These top pediatricians in Boca Raton also do virtual visits where parents can send photos or videos of coughs, bumps, rashes, and even the inner ear with our otoscope attachment for the iPhone to check for ear infections. We always offer same day sick visits. You should always be able to reach out to your pediatrician or their office 24/7. Googling symptoms usually causes more harm than good.

  1. Fevers Are Not The Enemy

Unless you have a child younger than 3 months, fevers are actually not as bad as you think. A fever is considered anything over 100.4 degrees and remember, forehead thermometers are widely inaccurate! In most cases with toddlers and older children, the level of fever is not concerning, it’s how the child is acting.

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We’ve seen children with a fever of 104 who are playing soccer in our office. And, we’ve also seen some pretty miserable 101’ers who can’t get out of bed. A fever is your body’s natural reaction to fighting off infection, so it can actually be a good thing.

top pediatricians in Boca

We treat based on how the child is feeling, NOT the number on the thermometer (Remember that this does not apply to babies less than 3 months of age). 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our patients can email or text us to ask about dosing to make sure you are giving your child the proper amount of fever reducer.

  1. Antibiotics Will Not Treat A Cold

The most common illness that a child will get (over and over) is the common cold – which originates from a virus. Antibiotics do not treat colds! Because these top pediatricians in Boca Raton are not fans of over-prescribing or over-medicating, they like to try natural remedies first. In fact, we never guess whether your child has a cold or infection. We’re one of the only offices in South Florida to utilize a simple nasal swab which tests for over 30 different viruses and bacteria. That way, we’re only prescribing an antibiotic when it’s 100% necessary to get your child better, faster.

top pediatricians in Boca

  1. Trust Your Own, Inner Parental Instincts

Nobody knows their child better than mom or dad. We like to listen intently to parents when they have a concern, because their intuition is usually spot on. That’s why we offer house calls and urgent care 24/7. We received a FaceTime call a few nights ago from a worried mom who heard a concerning cough from her 2-year-old daughter. As it turns out, she was right to be concerned! It was croup and we were able to get medicine called into her 24 hour pharmacy right away. We’ve treated late night ear infections, stomach bugs, coughs and rashes. Our office has even saved patients from ER trips by being available on our cell phones at all times. Every patient has our numbers and when it’s urgent to them, it’s urgent to us.

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  1. Every Child Is Unique

It feels like as soon as you have your first child, suddenly everyone comes out of the woodwork to give you advice. Beware of “experts” who are not experts, or professionals who try to put your child “in a box.”

Remember we are all different people with different hobbies, interests, and personality traits. Children develop at their own pace with their own set of likes/dislikes. They will grow up to change the world in their own unique way regardless of when they first start to walk, talk, or ride a bike. It’s important to work with your pediatrician and discuss milestones and development to be sure that your child is tracking as expected.

top pediatricians in Boca

When an issue does arise, we are able to facilitate further evaluations with pediatric speech, physical, or occupational therapists so our patients are able to get back on track faster. Milestones aren’t just about babies and toddlers. School aged children (teens included) are also tracked to make sure they are reach their potential in the classroom.

This is something I know we all want for our Boca kids…and that’s no secret!

To learn more about how your child can join the Boca VIPediatrics family, visit or call 561-923-9635. 

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