Social Skills Group Options for Kids in Boca Raton

Jennifer Bishop’s speciality AND passion is working with children and their parents. Through her local counseling practice, she provides a safe and nurturing environment that allows for healing to occur inside of relationships. This allows children and families to soar above the troubles that face them, finding the happiness they long for. Jennifer Bishop Counseling also offers a Social Skills Group for kids in Boca Raton.

Bottom line? Her goal is for families to find healing and lasting happiness.

As a parent, it can be overwhelming to think about taking your child to therapy! I personally would be beyond anxious. You’d probably wonder what therapy would “look like” for your child and what to expect. Or honestly, does your child really even need therapy?

Social skills group for kids in Boca

Often, children show us how they are feeling through their behaviors. Whether a child is withdrawn, anxious, having tantrums or being aggressive, these behaviors are a form of communication. Even the most verbal children struggle with finding words and descriptions for their experiences.

For some children, social interactions are problematic. Social Skills training allows children to learn and practice these skills in a safe environment with others. The combination of impulsivity, immaturity and difficulty reading social cues can lead to poor peer relationships. Learning to get along with others is a challenge!

This Social Skills group for kids in Boca is designed for children to be engaged in social learning opportunities. The material taught is adapted to promote effective socialization and communication skills.

Social skills group for kids in Boca

The Social Skills Group for Kids in Boca is designed for children who have:
  • difficulty in social situations
  • anxiety around others
  • performance anxiety
  • worry frequently
  • difficulty reading social cues
  • require constant redirection
  • push limits and boundaries
  • focus and concentration issues
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By attending this Social Skills group for kids in Boca, children will address and learn skill sets, such as:
  • Responsibility to bring work to school/class
  • Discipline to ignore distractions and to increase focus and attention
  • Delayed Gratification, ability to set a goal
  • Courage to join in with others
  • Outward focused thinking, compliment others
  • Vulnerability and asking others for a favor
  • Empathy – see how another person is feeling
  • Managing fear and worries
  • Tolerating feelings, to use self-control when angry, scared or upset
  • How to handle being teased or bullied, feelings of shame or embarrassment
  • Staying present, learning to relax and self-soothe
  • How to appropriately negotiate –vs-  manipulation
  • What are your feelings and how to express them
  • How to ask for permission / boundaries
  • Accepting consequences and learning limits

Group counseling can be a powerful and valuable venue for healing and growth. Many children naturally learn from their environment without any help. However, when children are struggling with emotional or behavioral concerns, they often need a structured environment where that have opportunities to learn those same skill sets.

Social skills group for kids in Boca

In the group format, participants slow down their reactions and responses so they can see the scene. Through the use of cueing, mirroring, modeling, prompting, role-playing and reinforcement, participants practice and sustain participating in everyday activities. This safe environment allows participants to try new behaviors and to receive positive responses, thus affording them the self-confidence to bring these new skills outside of group.

The process of group counseling, expressive therapies and working with a licensed therapist allows children to communicate what is sometimes difficult or impossible to put into words. This Social Skills group for kids in Boca Raton also helps children feel understood. They gain skills and a sense of achievement, providing ownership of their successes. The group also encourages children to build trust in a safe environment.

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We only want the best for our kids, right?

Social Skills Group Details: Jennifer Bishop Counseling
  • Runs weekly and for 1 hour
  • Two groups available: one for boys ages 7-10 and one for girls ages 5-8
  • Each participant completes an intake to determine eligibility for group before beginning and to determine goals with the family

Visit the Jennifer Bishop Counseling WEBSITE for more details and how to register.

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