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Salt Academy on Modern Boca Mom

Today’s featured Modern Boca MOMpreneur is...Susy Boschetti, director and founder of SALT Academy Boca Raton!

Salt Academy on Modern Boca Mom

Tell us a little bit about your background and what inspired you to start your  school, SALT Academy

I’m a very passionate educator and have had experience in both private and public school settings. I earned a Masters in Educational Leadership, as well as a Teacher Certification and Principal Certification in the State of Florida.  After gaining this experience, I dedicated myself to taking the best of both settings into SALT.

In today’s schools, both Federal and State regulations have made it very stressful on administrators, teachers, students and parents. Between the unnecessary testing and the ‘one-size-fits-all’ design, the only way out is to homeschool. Homeschooling has many benefits, but the structure and social integration that school offers is also important for children of all ages. I sat down with several community leaders, parents, and educators, and we all agreed that something needed to change.

Salt Academy on Modern Boca Mom

I’m so fortunate to be a mom to two wonderful kids, Sofia and Joey. I’m also extremely lucky to have a remarkable husband who I think, is an undercover superhero. As a teacher, but most importantly a mom who wanted to be heard, I decided to step out and create an environment I felt suited children best in today’s world.

SALT Academy Boca Raton is an environment where children are encouraged to ask questions, get creative, and learn comfortably. For homeschoolers, we are an extension of their home and for teachers, we are the reason they started teaching.  For parents, we are the link between school and homeschooling.

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What were some of your challenges when opening SALT Academy Boca Raton?

Opening a school has many challenges! However, our community was in desperate need of a school that could bring back the love of learning. My devoted and caring father had always encouraged me to open a school, and after his painful passing, I gained the strength to make our dream a reality. My mom, who has also been in education for over 20 years, joined me in creating this dream and our school is finally open!

Salt Academy Boca Raton on Modern Boca Mom

What is truly unique about your school?

Salt Academy offers individualized learning to students by using a blended learning approach. Students attend school in a physical building and work through an academic schedule that varies based on a student’s specific learning needs.

They are offered computer-based learning and an instructor adds physical supports and connections where valuable through activities such as small-group instruction, group projects and individual tutoring.

Salt Academy Boca Raton on Modern Boca Mom

As a result, the potential for innovation is higher because students progress as they demonstrate mastery in different subjects. This level of differentiated planning lends itself to instructional technology which plays a key learning role for our students. Also, the instructor has better data and opportunities to customize learning for each student during small group work.

Salt Academy Boca Raton on Modern Boca Mom

SALT Academy Boca Raton is very unique. A few of the benefits offered are the weekly progress reports, small student-teacher ratio, blended learning approach, weekly field trips, certified teachers with advanced degrees, no standardized testing, and daily yoga. It sounds amazing because it really is. We hope all kids can enjoy and benefit from the experience at our academy!

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What is scheduling like at SALT Academy?

SALT offers two learning sessions per day, Monday through Thursday. More personalized one-on-one sessions are offered as requested. On Fridays, we learn outside the classroom through optional school field trips. You can choose to attend Session A from 8:30am-12pm or Session B from 12:30pm to 4pm. Students may also add an hour to the program by joining Spanish and SALT TV from 12pm to 1:30pm.

Salt Academy Boca Raton on Modern Boca Mom

What new and exciting things are coming up at SALT?

It is my hope to be able to grow and offer our services tuition-free someday, without the mandated guidelines imposed on schools today. The community has been very receptive of our program and has shown great interest. We are already planning the opening of future locations and the expansion of our current one. This will allow us to educate more students throughout the area. We feel we are the FUTURE of Education.


6018 SW 18th Street, Ste. C9

Boca Raton


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Salt Academy Boca Raton on Modern Boca Mom

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  1. My children attend SALT and I could not be happier and either could my girls. They love school, they are engaged in what they are learning and their proficiency level for each subject far exceeds what they were coming away with even in the gifted program. They move on to the next level in each subject once they show mastery. This mom sleeps well at night. Thank you SALT

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