How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Boca Baby with Style Tips from Get Decorated

The last thing that a MBMom-to-be should have to worry about is how to design the perfect nursery for her Boca baby. Furniture, color, accessories – the list seems never ending! That’s why we sat down with interior design expert Lindsay Biondo, founder of Get Decorated.

While providing traditional interior designer services, Get Decorated’s unique business feature is that they also specialize in online home decor services. Moving the design process online is especially helpful for busy families and moms-to-be, who don’t have a lot of extra time. Lindsay shared with us some of her favorite tips on how to design the perfect nursery.

How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Boca Baby

How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Boca Baby

Transitional Pieces: Invest in furniture pieces that you will be able to use as the child grows. For example, use a dresser that includes a removable changing top. That way, when you no longer need it for changing, you can just swap it off and be left with a normal dresser; and if you have another baby shortly after, you won’t need to worry about buying a new changing table!

Buy Smart: Oftentimes, parents will gravitate towards classic toy items for their baby room. A beautiful, expensive toy trunk may seem like a good investment at first, but you might find that it’s harder to integrate the style into the room in the future. Rather than splurging on something that your child may potentially outgrow, check out some alternative options from places like IKEA.

I love to source IKEA for these kind of items – they have such great options in a variety of colors!

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How to Design the Perfect Nursery for Your Boca Baby

Color: Try to work with a gender neutral color palette. Rather than going for an all pink girl’s room, use a combination of teal and blue and white. You can always add a more feminine accent, like the chandelier we used in the picture above. Also, if you use a color palette that is more sophisticated, it will create way more opportunities to shop for products. You don’t need to limit yourself to strictly baby stores – bring in some design that also makes you feel comfortable. You will be spending a lot of time in the nursery too!

Just remember – you should have fun designing the perfect nursery for YOUR FAMILY! Make sure you choose pieces that are both comfortable and beautiful. Using these tips, you will create a room for your baby that is functional, stylish and trendy. Perfect for the Modern Boca Mom. 🙂