Cause Oriented Mama Blog I am Loving Right Now

I love blogs, especially MAMA blogs! There is one cause oriented mama blog I have my eye on right now that’s working to educate its audience on celiac disease. There truly are mama blogs for everyone!

Meet Celiac Mama!

A fellow South Florida mother just launched a cause oriented mama blog for parents of children who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. It provides information and tips for making life healthier and easier for patients and families alike:

cause oriented mama blog

Jereann Zann created the website to educate families on what it means to be gluten free, manage anxiety, build confidence, and reduce cross-contamination. This is the danger zone where gluten-free foods can easily and innocently come into contact with foods. These can trigger health issues during snack times, play dates and weekend visits with grandparents.

cause oriented mama blog

Zann and her husband first learned about celiac disease when their daughter, Sophia, was diagnosed at age 2. By searching for a gluten-free lifestyle, they learned how to make their own baby foods and toddler meals. They are also able to travel with peace of mind and educate their daughterโ€™s school, grandparents and friends along the way.


Besides learning that it costs the average family 2-3 times more at the grocery store to be gluten-free, they have also discovered other culprits. These include certain spices, art supplies and even some baby shampoos. They contain gluten and have been known to cause health risks to those affected by celiac disease.

Zann quickly notes that she is not a physician or a dietician. As a parent, she is dedicated to helping other families navigate through celiac disease and gluten free living.

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cause oriented mama blog

I love these mama blogs! I hope you do too- be sure to check them out and share with those who you think could benefit. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Lovely post and a great way to highlight these mamas. It always amazes me how much food really impacts our lives and has such a strong affect on certain people. I recently heard about ketogenic diets from a fellow blogger whose son has epilepsy. Their dishes look amazing. I might want to try them myself.

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