Bar Cart Styling Tips from a Boca Mom

I have wanted a bar cart for a really long time. Probably since Mad Men started airing (it premiered in 2007 by the way…OMG). Now that we have a house with a formal living room versus a tiny one-bedroom apartment in NYC, my cocktailing dreams have finally come true! I treated myself to the Winslow bar cart from Z Gallerie for my birthday this year and dove deep into Pinterest to find the best bar cart styling tips. These were my favs…

Bar Cart Styling Tips:

1.  Incorporate Flowers

Bar Cart Styling Tips from Modern Boca Mom

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Ok, me. They are fine occasionally, but tend to be expensive and short lived in my opinion. I go for the silk variety and had this tulip arrangement made with resin that looks like water. (I have my own silk flower “lady”, Flowers by Aja, 561-866-3636).

Every styled bar cart that I liked included flowers, even my top inspiration Atta Girl Says.


2. Display Lemons & Limes

Every cocktail needs a garnish! Showcase real or faux lemons and limes in a pretty bowl or vase. It adds beautiful colors to your bar cart display and is really inexpensive.

3. Book It

If you need to create different heights, so your bar cart accessories can be seen better, put your cocktail books to good use (besides making cocktails of course).

I pulled books with different shapes and sizes out my library and used them to raise the flower arrangement on top of the cart, for example.


4. Show Off Your Crystal

When it comes to impractical (yet beautiful) glassware, crystal is at the top of the list. Display your prettiest, rarely used glasses on your bar cart for show and keep the everyday wine glasses in your kitchen cabinet.

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Our wedding toasting glasses look mighty fine next to our Russian vodka and Dominican rum…


5. Shakers and Straws

Set out your cocktail shaker and put mini stirrers/straws in a shot glass (or regular straws in a pretty glass tumbler). When making cocktails you’ll want every tool at your fingertips!


Ohhh…so this bar cart is basically my cocktail tool box. I get it now.

Cheers Boca Moms!