Is Now the Time to Buy OR Sell a Boca Raton Home?

Summer has come to an end and your kids are finally back in school! With the extra 2 minutes you have in the morning, do you happen to look around your house and think, “I’m ready for a change, but is this a good time to buy or sell a Boca Raton home?” Your friends at drop off might think you’re crazy. But, it turns now that now is actually a great time!

In case you haven’t noticed, there aren’t many homes for sale in Boca Raton. In fact, there aren’t many in all of Palm Beach County. In June 2016, our median home price reached a year-to-date high, while the total inventory of homes available is still low. Traditionally, families want to be settled into their new home before school starts.

Is Now the Time to Buy or Sell a Boca Raton Home Featured

But not in Boca.

We have such a strong school district that families are comfortable moving during any time of year. If you’ve thought about listing your house, go clean out your playroom, make sure your garden looks nice, use some driveway sealant to improve your first impressions, repaint the walls and get ready to sell!

Is Now the Time to Buy OR Sell a Boca Raton Home?

No one likes to be pressured into making a quick decision, especially a busy family. It’s hard enough juggling work, school and playdates. But, plan to move fast in the current Boca real estate market. Homes that are priced correctly (in line with recent sales and comparables) are taking less than 45 days to sell. Using a real estate professional to price, market and sell your home will make the process much easier and efficient.

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Financially speaking, most of us need to sell our current house before we can buy our next one. Rest assured that closing on one and buying the next can easily be done. There are still some great buys in Boca! Working with someone who knows the market well will ensure you find not only a great investment, but a fabulous new home for your family!

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From our NEW Modern Boca Real Estate Mom, Jennifer Gene: I traded in wiener whistles for binkies and use my poker skills to negotiate deals for my real estate clients. As a mom, I can relate to the young family looking to buy their first house. Or, to the parents looking to sell a home they raised their family in. Knowing what out-of-state grandparents want in a 2nd home and understanding that rental properties can be both necessities and investment opportunities are key! I’ve sold over $10 Million dollars of real estate in South Palm Beach County while having 2 kids under two. And, I haven’t missed a bedtime story yet!