Teaching Teens the Basics of Driver Safety

Learning to drive is a milestone that brings teenagers one step closer to adulthood. While this newfound sense of independence can be a time of excitement for teens, it also creates a lot of stress and anxiety for parents who worry about their child’s driver safety, which is why some parents may be interested in this florida online traffic school promo code to a course held by My Improv.

And parents have good reason to be worried. Did you know car accidents are the number one cause of death for teens? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2,524 teen drivers and passengers were killed and 177,000 were injured in 2013. This is why all teens should undertake extensive learning at somewhere similar to the Gary Meggs Driving School to ensure they are as prepared for the roads as possible.

May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month and to fuel discussion with your teen and promote driver safety…

Here are three important things you should consider for driver safety as your teen learns to drive:
  1. Practice is Essential. Education and experience are the most effective ways of lowering accident risk. The usefulness of driver’s education and parental instruction can’t be understated. Instill good driving habits in your teen, like following the speed limit, buckling up, using turn signals and to avoid engaging in risky behaviors. Taking the time to teach your teen one-on-one can make a world of difference, and leading by example reinforces good driving behaviors.
  2. No Distracted Driving. Driving can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced drivers, and distracted driving only compounds the risk. Encourage your teen to refrain from eating and drinking, using their phone and other distracting behaviors while on the road. Every second counts, so it’s important they stay completely focused on the road.
  3. Statistics, Drive Safe Contract, Tips and Other Resources. Remember, you’re not alone in educating your teen. Making use of available resources will inspire confidence in them and you. Mercury Insurance has created a Drive Safe website, complete with tips and information that will help prepare your teen to drive, a drive safe contract, interactive quizzes and videos and other helpful resources. All of this knowledge is available free of charge!
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