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MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Welcome to our next installment of MOMpreneur Monday, highlighting Florida businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas.

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Today’s featured Modern Boca MOMpreneur is...Rachel Cohen, writer and founder of the blog, Silver Unpolished!
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Tell us a little bit about your background, mommyhood and what drove you to start the Silver Unpolished blog

I’m a Northerner at heart, born and raised in Deal, New Jersey. After graduating from the George Washington University, I moved to South Florida on a wing and a prayer because the cold winters had finally caught up with me. I made a career for myself in the financial industry, but when my first son was born in 2006, I became a stay at home mom to Ben, now 10 years old and later to Harrison, now 8 years old.

“After many years as a full time homemaker, I began struggling with the daily grind of being a wife and mother. I knew it was time spread my wings and add a new title to my resume of life.”

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I needed a healthy outlet to express the trials and tribulations of raising kids and juggling the umpteen daily tasks, while still keeping my sanity. I always had a passion for writing, so I figured the next logical step was to create a blog to share my stories in the hopes others could identify and relate.

Silver Unpolished LLC was launched in April 2013 to do just that. Using humor and humility, my goal has been to evoke emotion from others by writing truthful albeit somewhat “unpolished” tales of the ins and outs of such topics including, but not limited to Motherhood, Marriage, Friendship, Family, Fun, Food & Fitness. My dry sense of humor yields a lot of self-deprecation in my writing. I attempt to not take myself too seriously, although I know I am my own biggest critic!

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What makes Silver Unpolished stand out among other blogs?

I strongly believe there is a need for individuals (I suppose in this case, moms in particular) to have an outlet to express themselves freely without feeling judged. There are a lot of “Mommy Blogs” out there that impart a “this is the right way to do it” attitude. I feel strongly we should embrace and support each other as parents (and women too) in a truthful way.

There is no right or wrong way to be a Mom (or wife, or sister or friend, etc.). We do the best we can and try to learn from the mistakes we make and we ALL make mistakes. There is strength in numbers and Silver Unpolished wants to increase the number of followers/ readers/ supporters who believe it’s OK to say it like it is and own their truth!

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“If I can share my tales of successes and failures (and there are many failures and disappointments) with readers so that they too realize the goal is just DO THE BEST WE CAN, that is good enough!”

Why should MBMom readers head over to read Silver Unpolished?

I would love MBMom readers to become my readers as well because I think there is a need in the “marketplace” for a place to “go” online to laugh, cry, yell, scream, learn, grow and support one another. Sometimes you just need a good laugh or a good cry or a good in-between and I want people to know Silver Unpolished covers it all!

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What exciting things are coming up for Silver Unpolished?

Silver Unpolished is getting a whole new revamp! The look of the blog is changing as April is the blog’s BIRTHDAY MONTH! I wanted a new vibe, but not a full blown makeover like “under general anesthesia and in the hospital for days on end type of makeover.” More like an unpolished “mini-makeover” like an “outpatient with conscious sedation to just feel refreshed and more alive!”

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The website will have Silver Unpolished merchandise available to order including tanks, tees, sweats, visors and shot glasses all with the SUP brand logo! I’ve become more involved with local businesses to help promote their brands/businesses as well, but I have always stood by the idea of only writing about brands and businesses I myself use and feel passionately about. The blog was created out of need to express myself and not about making money. As the years have gone on, it would be wonderful to monetize and align myself with brand name businesses, but not at the expense of compromising my integrity! (no expense… no pun intended!)

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What do you love about living and working in South Florida?

Although I will always think of myself as a Northerner, I do love living in South Florida. The weather is fantastic and the quality of life doesn’t get better! When my kids say the word “orange,” I know they are true Floridians because they emphasize the “OR” sound. When I say the same word, it sounds more like the AHHHHrange! I guess it’s a classic case of some say tomato and some say toe-mahhhtoe!

I love raising my children in Florida and I do believe my family as a whole thrives here! It’s win/win for all of us!

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