Food, Dirt & Stains: How Ford Works to Keep Your Car Clean

Eating while driving does not help to keep your car clean. And nearly 1-in-4 drivers are doing it, according to a recent poll from Ford. If you had a dash cam set up in your car from somewhere like BlackBoxMyCar, how many times would it be able to record you snacking on the go we wonder?

And you know you’re guilty of snacking (or let’s be honest, eating an entire meal) on-the-go as a mom. That car line isn’t going to drive itself people! But when satiating hunger on the road inevitably leaves more than just crumbs on your new vehicle’s interior due to you or your ravenous children, it may begin to squash your appetite.

How Ford Works to Keep Your Car Clean

At Ford, engineers anticipate these “Oops!” moments and subject each and every material used inside Ford vehicles to a series of meticulous and unrelenting tests – splashing, scratching and stretching to see how well the material stands up against the tests of time and everyday mishaps i.e. you and your Boca children.

How Ford Works with You to Keep Your Car Clean

I recently had the opportunity to test drive a fancy dancy 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Edition and it truly stood up to our family’s traveling test: a trip to Walt Disney World.

How Ford Works to Keep Your Car Clean

The Explorer had more bells & whistles than we honestly knew what to do with! The durable and quality interior fabrics were only the tip of the iceberg.

Seats that have built-in MASSAGERS (that are supposed to reduce fatigue, but feel darn good),

How Ford Works to Keep Your Car Clean massaging seats

The dual-panel moonroof. Adaptive Cruise Control and collision warning with brake support. Funky ambient lighting. Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist (translation: the car pretty much drives itself on the highway). And all of the seats folded and/or moved out of the way with the touch of a button. This car is mighty.

It feels luxurious, but is made for traveling with kids. A part of car cleaning that is often ignored is cleaning the catalytic converter. I’ll admit I wasn’t entirely sure myself, but I searched online how to clean catalytic converter online for more information.

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How Ford Works to Keep Your Car Clean
Don’t worry…this was only pretend driving for #dailybocaavery

And lucky for us, the Ford engineers responsible for ensuring the durability and quality of their vehicles’ interior materials are also mighty and refreshingly, just like us…

  • They need a proper cup of coffee to start the day right, too. So they conduct the Soil and Cleanability Test where they splash a variety of substances, like coffee, directly onto seat fabrics to evaluate how well the materials can be cleaned post-drinking or eating while driving and their overall stain resistance. (Pro tip: black coffee has a “dye-like effect,” making a splash of cream or milk a wise choice for pothole-prone commutes and drinking/eating while driving.)
  • They wear dark blue jeans and know a spin through the washer doesn’t always prevent bleeding like the tag says it will. Which is precisely why Ford engineers run the Resistance to Dye Transfer Test, in which they rub denim standard swatches on leather seating materials, then evaluate the cleanability of the dye from the leather to keep your car clean.
  • They have pets and see firsthand the havoc furry friends can wreak on a vehicle’s interior door panel. The Five-Finger Scratch Test imitates the effect of fingers (or paws) on grain plastics by using a machine that applies varying degrees of pressure before scratching away. Materials with visible marks don’t make the cut.
  • They appreciate the great outdoors, but don’t always like to bring what’s outside in. So in addition to smearing dirt on fabrics to test for cleanability, Ford engineers also evaluate how materials react to insect repellent and sunscreen to help ensure drivers and their families can have fun without fuss.
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Color me impressed! I wish every major product I was considering purchasing went through these kinds of tests! And came with massaging seats…still dreaming about those.

How Ford Works to Keep Your Car Clean

How is your vehicle’s interior holding up post-children and lots of eating while driving? Does using a hand vacuum help maintain your vehicle? Comment below about how you keep your car clean!

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