Kiehl’s Chris Salgardo Wants Proper Skincare for Your Man

Let’s face it… Men aren’t usually as diligent about skincare as women. When I met my husband, his regimen was comprised of using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball—and that was it. Needless to say, as a beauty editor, this was not acceptable, so we have been on an almost 13 year journey with one goal: Getting his skincare straight.

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It’s taken plenty of prompting and prodding to get the hubs on board, and I can happily say that he’s been taking better care of his skin for quite a while. And now he requests the “good stuff” I stash away in my personal beauty closet— or raids my arsenal when he feels the need (and I’m not looking).

My husband has come a long way, but I know that getting your man up to skincare speed can be a challenge—so that’s where Kiehl’s Chris Salgardo comes in. I had the honor of speaking to Chris (who is also the company’s president) about his new book at the Kiehl’s grand opening at Town Center a few weeks ago.

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Kiehl’s Chris Salgardo recently penned Manmade, a book designed specifically to get the guys on the right track, and he shared the must-have info men need to know to jump on the skincare bandwagon. It’s a lot easier than you’d think, and here are Kiehl’s Chris Salgardo’s pearls of wisdom for every guy in your life. (P.S. I read the book from cover to cover, and thoroughly enjoyed it despite being of the female persuasion.)


Interview with author and president of Kiehl’s Chris Salgardo

Q: Men have been lagging behind the ladies in terms of skincare for decades… Why did you decide to write the book now? 

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A. Well, I’d actually been thinking about it for awhile because in all the focus groups that I do, I could see that there was a clear transfer of knowledge from mother to daughter, but there was almost none between father and son. The typical guy may have gotten something about shaving, but that was it.

In all my travels– especially with Kiehl’s– a lot of the questions I’m asked are very similar. They weren’t so advanced, but rather, “How do I get a proper shave? Is eye cream important? Should I even be doing this stuff? Does it matter?” And so from there, Manmade sort of created itself.

I basically tried to keep it as simple as I could. This is for that guy figuring it out. I think it’s an exciting time for men because we finally have permission to take care of ourselves. It’s not just a woman’s game anymore.


Q: You obviously spoke to a lot of men while writing this book… What was the question you were asked the most?

A: The overarching question was always, “Does skincare matter?” And the answer is, it does. You don’t have to have this complicated routine (men or women, by the way) to have healthy skin. We should all have healthy skin for life, but it’s finding the right products for you because we all come in different shapes and sizes. Men have thicker skin. It’s sweatier. We shave. Our needs are different than a woman’s who might wear makeup, have thinner skin, or drier skin.

Q: When I read in the book that most men say no one taught them to shave, I was astonished… What’s the craziest shaving story you heard?

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A: A guy that I met in Atlanta was shaving without a shave cream or anything. I looked at him and said, “I can tell.”

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Q: Do you find it a challenge to convince men to use SPF?

A: Surprisingly, no. In my experience, it’s all about education when it comes to men. If they ask me, “What’s the first thing I should do?” I tell them to use a sunscreen. The sun’s okay. We should enjoy beautiful weather, but from 12 to 3, we’re going to have harmful rays. And make sure that if you’re going to be doing any kind of sporting activity at all where you might say, “Chris, I don’t perspire,” the fact is yeah, you do. It’s just probably evaporating. And if your sunscreen isn’t water-resistant, it’ll come off your face. So I think once you give men the information, they’re set, and they’re really set for life.

Q: How would you recommend getting the reluctant man started?

A: Go slow. If you’re doing nothing, take it one step at a time. In my very, very early years, I was lazy, too. Everyone thinks they’re going to always look perfect forever. Back then I knew that eye cream was important, but I had to make it easy for myself, so I kept it by my bed. After using it every night, I began to see the benefits so I started a routine. My advice is to know where you are and be reasonable about it. But don’t plunge in. Get one thing. Then add a second thing. Then add a third. Be gradual with it and you’ll have healthy skin for life.

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I hope this info from Kiehl’s Chris Salgardo is enough to help you get your man on an easy yet effective skincare regimen, and I could have used this advice 12 years ago. And in case you need a little shopping list to get yourself started, check out my Kiehl’s faves that are sure to get you off on the right foot!

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