Oceans 234: Dining Dads

Disclosure: Oceans 234 invited us to their restaurant for a complimentary media dine. As always, all thoughts and opinions are courtesy of Modern Boca Mom and her contributors.

Oceans 234

I am #ModernBocaDad. Some of you might know me as #dailybocaavery’s Dad. When it comes to reviewing restaurant experiences for my wife’s blog, Modern Boca Mom, I’m usually the one at the table who almost forgets to take a picture of the dish I’ve been presented.

I enjoyed myself so much at our recent dine at Oceans 234 (the #NEW234) that I had to be the one to write about it.

First off, all of the recent renovations to the restaurant are BEAUTIFUL. The view was enough for me, but now the interior of the restaurant echoes the ocean scenery.

As for the Oceans 234 New Menu…

Enter the Tuna Stack. There’s a magical moment when lime, avocado, and seafood come together. I should know. I’m from Maine and perhaps a little snobby with my seafood.

Two layers of fresh tuna with a layer of creamy avocado chunks in between…holy deliciousness. This was the right way to start the night.

Oceans 234

Our server for the evening suggested I share it so as not to fill up too quickly. I did not share.

The Oceans Breeze. This is a great drink to start the night with.

Oceans 234

Remember when I said I was from Maine and a seafood snob? When the waiter brought out the next dish, my first question was, “Where do you source your lobster?” And yes, it was from Maine.

Thank you Oceans 234. Thank you for the Lobster Potato Skins. Made with maine lobster claw meat. Well done Chef Franco.

Oceans 234

The Blackened Snapper Reuben– just eat the sandwich. You’ll thank me later. I have also given this my Maine seafood snob seal of approval.

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Oceans 234

My mom, Rita, makes my favorite margarita. I’ve been to Mexico. She’s got ‘em beat. Maybe it helps that her name’s Rita. At risk of being denied a Rita’s margarita, my second cocktail of the night beat my mom’s. Please don’t tell her.

I give you the Oceans Margarita. (Hint… the best drinks are the ones that start with “Oceans.”) Patron Silver Tequila, handmade sour mix, red bell pepper, fresh cilantro and just a hint of jalapeno, and I do mean a hint! I’ve had quite a few jalapeño margaritas. The balance is always wrong. Either you get punched in the face with heat from the pepper, or it tastes like tequila and a dry bell pepper.

Do yourself a favor. Order it.

Oceans 234

Surf and Turf Sushi Roll. Filet Mignon with Soft-shell crab TEMPURA, in a sushi roll. The cucumber and cilantro lighten the savory combination. This one I did eat before I took the photo. I had to use my friend’s dish as the model. Sometimes you can’t help yourself.

Oceans 234

Don’t forget the sake. It makes the roll! Sake, TY-KU

Oceans 234

It’s really not fair to take an onion ring, already so good, and make a better onion ring. Oh, and put it on top of a grilled skirt steak. This was perfection.

Oceans 234

Oceans 234

Delicious. Pure and simple.

Tito’s Wild Sparkling Spritzer: Tito’s, St. Germain, strawberry, mint, simple syrup, lemon, Mionetto Prosecco.

Oceans 234

If you were wondering, no, they did not forget about dessert. Let’s start with the beverage. This Mojito does what you want at this stage in your meal. It’s preparing you for greatness.

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Moet Ice Mojito: Exclusive Moet Ice Champagne, mojito-style with mint and fresh lime, over ice

Oceans 234

Executive Chef Victor Franco. You devil. Captain Crunch. French Toast. Nutella peanut butter spread. I didn’t know I was missing this in my life until it was on the plate in front of me. Brunch as dessert? Yes, oh yes.

Nutella French Toast


End Scene.


1. The new WOW Factor South Beach-style décor totally re-imagined,
re-organized and rockin’ with its own edgy brand of BFF (Beach, Food & Fun).

2. Best ‘on the beach’ dining, without getting your feet (or food) sandy.

3. Unobstructed ocean, beach and pier views from inside, private dining space, and on patio. (Previous patio pillars are gone!)

4. 234 is even more social than ever before … dotted with intimate seating areas, raised banquette seating for large groups or several couplings.

5. Its new first-ever private dining room with seating up to 50 for lunch, brunch, dinner for all biz and personal celebrations.

6. More than 75% of the ‘true to Florida’ menu is all new – by Chef Victor Franco; check out the separate and extensive gluten-free and brunch menus, new signature cocktails and desserts.

7. Introduction of new ‘wine lovers’ program featuring 102 select brands; 400 bottles line new wine wall.

8. The ideal spot for memory-making and envious South Florida selfies (especially for sharing during Winter months with those stuck in snow).

9. Romance is afire: place for ‘date night’ or to propose, marry and commemorate milestones.

10. Great place to sports watch televised match ups!

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Oceans 234 is located at 234 North Ocean Boulevard, Deerfield Beach, FL. Days and hours of operation are Monday to Thursday, 11:30 am to 10 pm (bar closes at 11 pm) Friday and Saturday, 11:30 am to 11 pm (bar closes at 3 a.m.) and Sunday 10 am to 10 pm (bar closes at 11 pm). For reservations call 954-428-2539.

About Oceans 234
Oceans 234 is a full-service beachfront restaurant and bar with indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, located just steps away from the Deerfield Pier at 234 North Ocean Blvd. Serving up the freshest caught seafood and flavorful land entrees, the award-winning Oceans 234 is renowned for its creative and traditional culinary selections, picturesque oceanfront views, relaxed atmosphere, and superior service. Oceans 234’s menu by Executive Chef Victor Franco features fresh caught seafood varieties, sushi, tender steaks, poultry, entrée salads, handmade dessert menu, a full liquor bar and more. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner seven days a week and brunch on Sundays. For more information on culinary events and private dining for business, holiday and celebratory events, visit http://www.oceans234.com; for reservations call 954-428-2539.

From Modern Boca Mom Contributor: Modern Boca Dad (a.k.a. Andy Rogers) is a food-loving, Lord of the Rings & Star Wars watching, Boca Raton husband and father of one. When he’s not working as a freelance Post-Production Supervisor and video editor, he’s playing princess dress-up with #dailybocaavery or cleaning up the kitchen for the fourth time in a 24-hour period. Originally from Freeport, ME, Andy will be writing for Modern Boca Mom in 2016 as a food and home improvement contributor.

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