Concerned About Termites in Boca Raton? Follow this Arrow…


When we lived in New York, let me tell you– the last thing I was concerned about was termites. I think rats were the only pests on my city radar. Yuck. Now that we live in South Florida (in a house that we actually care about maintaining and improving), I’ve learned that I better be on high alert I’ll have to call out a termite control company.

Ever heard of subterranean termites in Boca Raton? I sure hadn’t. Only the wood-loving kind. Termites have survived since the days of the dinosaurs. The queen and king produce a steady stream of offspring. Workers find food sources and bring it back to the rest of the colony. Soldiers defend the colony. Reproductives create new colony members, and swarmers leave the colony to begin new ones.

You learn something new every day.

I had read about a subterranean termite threat in Boca Raton, so I reached out to a company I literally drive by every single day on 2nd Avenue: Arrow Exterminators.

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Family owned and operated since 1964, Arrow Exterminators is a pest control company that believes in going Beyond the Call for their customers to protect their families, homes and businesses using the most effective and environmentally responsible methods available on the market today.

They told me about something called the Sentricon® System. Sentricon termite bait systems are trusted to protect the White House, Statue of Liberty and other national treasures, and Arrow Exterminators is the #1 installer of Sentricon in the world!

Sentricon defeats termites in Boca Raton at their own game. They feed readily on it but never detect the threat — not even while the patented active ingredient is taking away their ability to eat, survive or breed. They never catch on. The result is death to the queen and her colony.

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These guys are inserted into holes in your yard, surrounding your property.


It’s revolutionary.

Sentricon takes the fight to the colony better than liquid insecticides by killing the colony and the queen. And it’s the first and only termite product to be awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

And it won’t touch your children or pets. The system is completely safe, embedded in your yard underground.

Expert help. Unmatched results.

Expert results are ensured by your Certified Sentricon Specialist who has been qualified to use Sentricon to eliminate and prevent termite attack. He or she will install and maintain a ring of Sentricon stations around your home.


Ongoing protection

Your Certified Sentricon Specialist will maintain your home protection conveniently and professionally.


Expert recommendations may include:

Home inspections:

  • Identify signs of active termite attack, such as mud tubes, discarded insect wings and/or live termites
  • Recommend eliminating wood debris, newspapers and excess moisture in crawl spaces and basements that can foster infestations
  • Identify plumbing leaks for repair

Home protection:

  • Install shrubs, mulch and other landscaping at least 2 feet from the foundation
  • Minimize or eliminate wood mulch
  • Keep wooden fences, planter boxes and other wood items at least 2 feet from the foundation
  • Stack firewood and scrap lumber well away from your home
  • Make sure there is at least a 6-inch gap between the ground and the bottom of stucco or other siding
  • Make sure wood steps, lattice work and door frames are not in contact with soil
  • Place sprinkler heads more than 2 feet from the foundation and make sure they don’t wet the walls
  • Divert air-conditioner condensation; sump discharge and other water away from the foundation of your home
  • Slope soil away from the house so surface water drains easily
  • Clean gutters and downspouts and keep splash blocks in place
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And if you are remodeling:

  • Use treated lumber to discourage termites
  • Make sure wood scraps or forms are not buried in backfill
  • Install Sentricon stations around the new construction


When it was introduced, the Sentricon System revolutionized termite protection with a baiting system. Now, with over a decade of proven performance behind it, Sentricon has become the gold standard for termite colony elimination.

I certainly feel better knowing my house has this termite protection.

To learn more about Arrow Exterminators and the Sentricon® System, click HERE.

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