Are You Using the Right Skincare Products?

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From contributor,

A truly amazing thing happened last weekend…My family sat outside for lunch on Atlantic Avenue and none of us broke a sweat.

Could we have seen the last of summer’s heat and humidity? I’m not willing to bet on it, but I do have my fingers and “Wicked”-painted, boot-clad toes crossed. So with Florida fall optimistically/officially upon us, there are a few things to rethink when it comes to skincare…

Adjust your skincare products for the weather

During the summer, our skin can go from matte to oil slick in about 5 seconds. For this reason, I often stick solely to sunscreen and skip the moisturizer altogether. Come fall, this isn’t the best approach, especially if you want to prevent dryness and promote dewiness. Consider upping the hydration, even if that means adding an oil-free moisturizer in addition to your SPF, or bumping up your lightweight lotion to a richer cream.

This is also the perfect time to integrate a moisturizing mask into your routine. I recommend SimySkin’s Deep Hydrating Mask Anti-Aging at least once a week, but you can use it two or three times a week if your skin needs it.


Use age-appropriate products

Many of us go to great lengths to prevent visible signs of aging, but using the most expensive stuff you can afford might not be the best way to achieve that goal.

Yes, I’ve tried La Mer, and it was way too rich for my skin. Yes, I’ve tried $300 eye creams and I have yet to find one that’s “all that.” Rather than slathering on a super-hydrating product, it’s best to use lotions and potions that are geared toward the current state of your skin. Maybe you could try out something like CBD private label skin care products that you might find under various brand names.

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This is another reason I love SimySkin skincare, because the products are clearly marked with specific phases (i.e. 18-25, 25-45 and 45+) and the ages they are ideal for, which takes a lot of guesswork out of choosing. I’ve been using the Gel Cleanser Anti-Aging for Her/Him, Micro-Exfoliating Toner Anti-Aging and the Intensive Lift Neck Serum Phase 1 (basically to keep everything in place for as long as possible). These skincare products provide the exfoliation and hydration that keep your skin radiant, soft and supple.


Make the most of your time

If you enjoy a lengthy skincare regimen, that’s your prerogative. I do too, unless I find myself short on time. But, you don’t HAVE to use 10 products in the morning and at night to keep your skin healthy and youthful. I’ve been using these four SimySkin skincare products for about a month now (only three of them are used on the daily basis) and my skin looks amazing.

So before you hit the department store or drugstore for yet another product, consider revamping your fall routine with a handful of age-appropriate basics that get the job done without too much effort.

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Happy MBMshopping!