Dear Cender Scholars, I’m a Mom. I’m Way Too Busy to Read.


“I’m a mom. I’m too busy to read.”

Deep down, is that really true? I mean, you’re reading this blog right now, aren’t you?

I love to read, but I’ve found myself saying those words a lot lately (replace busy with TIRED or OVERWHELMED and I begin to sound like a broken record). So, what kind of message are we sending to our kiddos with that statement?

Portrait of a family reading a book in a bedroom

Did you know students (depending on age) are expected to read for 20-30 minutes or more daily inside of class as well as additional time at home to improve their skills? My friends at Cender Scholars also tell me that teachers are being given 90 minute mandatory reading blocks in class.

It’s becoming more and more apparent how crucial it is for children to ‘read like the wind.’ I’m talking about truly reading (not social media “skimming”). My teacher friends tell me that the students who devour books in their class are always, without fail, the strongest students in every subject area.

It’s no surprise then: Being a successful reader creates a successful student who can conquer any feat in the classroom. 

Portrait of pupils looking at page of encyclopaedia at reading lesson

So what happens if you don’t have a strong reader? And why should you care, even at a young age?

Here’s the deal: “Students who struggle with reading comprehension will struggle with math word problems, science formulas and any content-based vocabulary will become an uphill battle if a student’s comprehension is lacking,” says Erica Cender of Cender Scholars. “In addition to setting aside extra time to read with your child, I recommend looking into outsourcing extra help with a reading tutor.”

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A reading tutor from a company like Cender Scholars will:
  1. Ensure that a child isn’t just sitting in their room staring at a book and struggling through reading time.
  2. Help build strategies for reading comprehension even for fluent readers.

The “fluent reader” is tricky. You may see your child flying through books and afterwards he/she may think they are a strong reader, but they end up having zero recollection of what they read or the content just zips over their head.

Students must be encouraged to slow down, attack tricky vocabulary and stop throughout their reading to take it all in and build meaning from the words.

“Having a one-on-one reading coach is fundamental to a student’s ultimate success in school. Fluent readers can slip right through the cracks because they may be reading beautifully, but are completely lost when it comes to comprehension,” explained Cender.

So set your child up for scholarly success!

Cender Scholars has easy-to-book Reading Coaches available to Boca moms and beyond with a touch of a button, and they will come to YOU. You can book right online via your phone or computer. It’s that easy!

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Additional reading resources and tips for your child can also be found HERE.

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