Mommy Facebook Recos Aren’t Always the Best. Here’s Why…says Cender Scholars


If you’re a local mom with a Facebook account, chances are you’re a member of one or more Facebook “groups.” I belong to several…at least 10+, some of which where I’ve learned to turn the notifications OFF. (I’m looking at you Mamarama)

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Lately (and especially with the new school year starting), I’ve seen a lot of requests for tutors– all kinds! Math, foreign language, piano, sports, you name it! And some of the suggestions have been questionable.

My neighbor, this friend, my retired grandfather…

I don’t know why you would chance the success of your child and not be 100% sure you’re hiring a qualified tutor.

In talking with local entrepreneur and founder of Cender Scholars, Erica Cender, “it is imperative that your child clicks with his or her tutor. Finding a tutor that makes kids feel safe, nurtured, encouraged and empowered is what you should look for in a tutoring company.”

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And finding one at the BEGINNING of the school year can often be way more effective than waiting until you see your child struggling with a particular subject. It is a wonderful thing to build a rapport with your tutor and a strong bond while the year is fresh. And tutors can plan lessons and sessions to coincide with what students are learning in class. That’s a win/win for everyone!

Here are some tools you might find useful in finding the perfect match, dubbed the 4 R’s:
  • Real – lessons are authentic, concrete, and understandable.
  • Relevant – lessons relate to the students’ life experiences and are relatable.
  • Rigorous – lessons tackle the problem areas the student is having difficulty with and helping them not view them as hurdles.
  • Relationships – tutors develop a trusting work environment that encourages the student to succeed.

You want your child(ren) to build confidence for the school year ahead, so choosing your tutor sooner rather than later is key. One of my favorite parts about Cender Scholars is that you CAN BOOK EVERYTHING DIRECTLY ONLINE STRAIGHT FROM YOUR PHONE.

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And their tutors will COME TO YOU. Sorry for all the caps, but these mommy conveniences are worth shouting out online!

Check out Cender Scholars’ services by visiting their website:

This is only a sampling of the types of services they currently offer:

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Who knew I could hire someone to help me prep for a Bat Mitzvah?!

You learn something new every day…and not always on Facebook.

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