5 Boca Raton Home Space Lifts (That You’ll Get Back at Closing!)

From Modern Boca Real Estate Mom…

Boca Raton home makeover tricks

Nowadays, it’s not keeping up with the Joneses, it’s keeping up with Pinterest, HGTV, Houzz…seriously, just trying to list the outlets available to make you feel inadequate about your house is exhausting.

As you might guess, I love to decorate. I am a design junkie, but most of the time, I need to reign myself in. Literally. I have a little mini Realtor on one shoulder and a designer on the other, because, frankly – a lot of the money you put into your house, you won’t necessarily see back dollar for dollar when it comes time to sell.

Yes – wide plank oak floors make my heart skip a beat, but will it be reflected in the sale price of my house when I put it on the market?? Um… nope. Especially if I had to rip out perfectly good tile to put in my perfectly perfect floors. The struggle is real, people!

Whether you’re definitely going to put your property on the market, or are unsure what your real estate future holds, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some things that you CAN do – Boca Raton home makeover tricks…or space lifts- and feel good about, because these things are inexpensive, and will drastically enhance the appearance of your home.

What’s more, you can feel confident that you’ll see any money you spent home space lifts reflected at the closing table when it’s time to sell.

Boca Raton home makeover tricks

5 Boca Raton Home Makeover Tricks & Space Lifts

1. Curb Appeal

This is the first impression that buyers (or guests) are going to have of your home, so let’s make it a good one! Like it or not, your garden/yard/entryway is going to influence how buyers perceive your home.

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Make sure your yard is immaculate. Add fresh mulch to bleached out beds, and fill in sparse places with native shrubs or grasses. Plants work wonders for “livening” up a space (pun so intended). If you have a screen door that’s seen better days, remove it – add new house numbers and a fresh coat of paint on the door and you’ll be ready to welcome guests in style. Wallpaper and paint are great to give your room the lift it needs, you may want to check out Mississauga paint & wallpaper store to explore the different styles and colours, in order to design your room the way you want it!

Boca Raton home makeover tricks

2. Interior Paint

Paint is the cheapest, fastest way to transform anything – and your living room is no exception. Choose a neutral hue that compliments your flooring and decor – varying shades of gray, greige or decorator’s white are all great choices.

Tip: Make painting a fun family activity! Hosting a painting party can be a creative way to engage kids, friends and family members (and beautify your home in the process!)

Boca Raton home makeover tricks

3. Storage Unit

If you’re definitely putting your home on the market, you’re definitely going to want a storage unit. Get all your occasional and seasonal storage (holiday decorations, serving platters, off-season clothes and those 3 spare strollers) OUT of the house and make what remains look organized and neat.

Boca Raton home makeover tricks
4. New Linens

For staging and in design, nothing gives off that hotel/ spa-like feel like fluffy white towels and crisp white bedding. The bottom line? Go get new white towels.

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Boca Raton home makeover tricks
5. Replace Outlet Covers and Switch plates

Many times, outlet covers and switch plates get crudded up with time, use and sometimes, just with crud. This extends to yellowed smoke detectors and ceiling fixtures too. Many times, just swapping out tired looking fixtures or hardware with new (not necessarily expensive) ones will be all your room needs to feel refreshed.

Got your own Boca Raton Home Makeover Tricks or a ‘Space Lift’ to share? Upload it to social media with the hashtag #spacelift!

Hope you enjoyed these tips! For more staging and design news, tips and tricks, check out my website at www.restylehomestaging.com and follow me on Facebook and instagram @MargSchafferFL.