Alligator Alley Open at the Palm Beach Zoo

At the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society’s Alligator Alley, guests are invited to get up close and personal with Fred and Wilma, the Zoo’s American alligators at their newly renovated viewing area.

Wilma Palm Beach Zoo 1

The first in a series of redesigned and reimagined habitats for the current Florida Region exhibit, the new, up close, viewing platform, provides a panoramic view of the lush habitat the alligators call home.

Alligator Alley at PB Zoo

The Zoo’s just completed renovations include the all new Keeper Talk & Presentation Platform, 360 degree viewing of the Alligator Habitat and an off-exhibit Alligator Holding Area. This project has been made possible by long time donors, Michele & Howard Kessler. Their generous support has helped continue to provide quality care for Fred, the Zoo’s 12.5-foot long male and his mate, 8-foot long Wilma, both born in 1988.

Native to Florida, the American alligator is an example of a species that has recovered thanks to careful management and conservation efforts. By the middle of the 20th century, American alligator populations were severely depleted and in 1967, were listed under the Endangered Species Preservation Act.  The Palm Beach Zoo is proud to be a part of this effort and continue to educate and inform people about these magnificent creatures.

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