5 Strategies to Help You Feel Like Your Best Self

We all love our kids and would do anything for them. But let’s be real. As MBMoms, we could all use a little treat just for us to feel like your best self!

Here are some awesome ways to treat yo’ self:

Feel Like Your Best Self

Even if you live far from any local wineries, having a backyard winetasting is always a fun way to pass the time. You can get enjoyable options almost anywhere at various price points.

We recommend reaching for a few different bottles of the same type of wine, such as a collection of different Zinfandels, and then comparing them. This can give you the chance to really learn the nuances within a single type of wine that can get lost when you have access to only one bottle at a time.

Feel like your best self

This is something you could totally do by yourself (MBMom doesn’t judge!), but it might be more fun if you invite some girlfriends over. You can each bring a bottle to keep the costs down, and lazy summer evenings are the perfect excuse!

  • Beauty Counter Makeover

We all get into a makeup routine, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of wearing “dated” trends.

Don’t worry! We don’t think you’re sporting your grandmother’s rouge…yet. Still, an easy (and free!) way to revamp your look is to head to your local beauty counter.

Many brands, such as Chanel and Hourglass, offer makeovers at their respective department store counters. These are done by real makeup artists who are often more than willing to provide beauty tips and techniques that will keep your face looking current and fresh, even if you don’t buy. Sephora is a great resource, too. Appointments are complimentary with a $50 minimum purchase, and you get access to lots of great product lines.

  • Mommy Makeover

This one is a little more of an investment (OK, it’s a lot more). But if you visit somewhere reputable like Mommy Makeover Surgery in Tulsa, OK, you’ll love the results! If you’re like many moms, you may have some body bumps and bulges that weren’t there pre-baby and that won’t go away no matter how much you diet or exercise. There are some people who find that an aesthetic surgeon could help them with procedures to make them feel young again or great about themselves.

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Feel like your best self

Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, it is now possible to tighten up and slim down with a combination surgical procedure called a mommy makeover. Usually, the procedure includes a tummy tuck, breast enhancement, and liposuction, all meant to address areas affected most by pregnancy. Most women have a “mommy makeover” to help them feel young again.

According to the website of Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Zoran Potparic, a tummy tuck — the most strenuous of the mommy makeover procedures — requires about 1 to 3 weeks of recovery time. That may seem like a long time, but after taking care of your family for years, you deserve to be doted on for once. The treatment does cost several thousand dollars, but most surgeons offer financing options. If you can fit it into your lifestyle, there’s basically no better way to pamper and feel like your best self.

  • Get Crafty

You may have fond memories of making macaroni gifts for your family back in elementary school, but crafting can be so much more than that!

Many people find hands-on projects relaxing, allowing you to focus on something completely different from wrangling kids or desk work. With so many talented craft-dedicated bloggers out there, going full Pinterest on your home is easier than ever.

If you aren’t the artistic type, try organizing instead. Organizing areas of your home like the pantry or your kid’s closet is the perfect option for those want something that’s a bit more practical while still having a dramatic change of pace from your everyday routine.

  • Dedicate an Afternoon

Sometimes, you really just need an afternoon to yourself to do whatever you want to do, to feel like your best self. No kids. No husband. Just you and whatever you need to be good to yourself (and catching up on your running around does not count!).

Feel like your best self

Some ideas would be a mani-pedi with friends, hanging out at a local coffee shop to read that book you never have time for, or going to the pool or beach without the family in tow. The afternoon is yours; do whatever helps you enjoy your “you time” with no chance of interruption.

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Sometimes the best thing you can do for your family is to remind yourself who you are. You are overdue to feel like your best self.

So, treat yo’ self. You deserve it.

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