Gardening as Science + 7 Intriguing Science Experiments for Kids

science experiments for kids

#modernbocadad always grew up having a garden. In fact, his family rarely had to buy produce because they grew it all right on their land in Southern Maine! You can only imagine how much money they saved.

So, we were inspired this winter to start a garden with #dailybocaavery in our own yard. It probably helped that we had some sad looking bushes in the area we were considering planting in that we wanted to replace.

Not bad right? #modernbocadad’s garden still has some growing to do (and we need to find a way to stop lizards from eating our zucchini plants– tips welcome!), but we’re pretty proud of the progress so far.

Did you know gardening can serve as science experiments for kids?

It’s an amazing realization when you see what a tiny seed can hold. Gardens are places of wonder and every child who spends time in one will grow to love and respect nature. This is a skill that our future world will need desperately. We reached out to Grandview Preparatory School to find out how to integrate the science and pleasure of gardening into a child’s life.

science experiments for kids

What are the key benefits of starting a garden with your children at school or at home?

Gardening is a connection to the natural world. A world that not so many years ago was a very big part of childhood. With the prevalence of electronic devices in this age, the outdoor and natural time for children has diminished greatly.

The benefits of immersing children back into the natural world include:

  • Children who grow their own food are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables and make healthier eating choices.
  • Kids who garden improve their social and interpersonal skills (group/teamwork)
  • Children learn about taking care of their environment
  • Kids who garden as youth are more likely to garden as adults and contribute to sustainability
  • Children learn patience as they wait for plants to grow
  • Kids learn responsibility as they see how necessary it is for them to care for the plants
  • Children learn loss and life cycles at the end of the growing season
  • Kids build their senses
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Gardening also encourages creativity and provokes a desire to investigate. Gardens can teach science experiments for kids, math and social studies.

science experiments for kids

What types of activities could parents employ to make gardening fun for children?

Parents can make gardening a fun social experience along with it being science experiments for kids.

Activities for students can include: prizes for the biggest vegetable, the best tasting and most unusually shaped plant. Students can create a “green market” or develop recipes to use with the plants and vegetables. Parents can also allow their children to give “garden tours” to demonstrate their hard work and/or possibly teamwork.

science experiments for kids

If you don’t have access to a yard at home, how can parents still start a garden?

Good news! You do not need a large plot of land in order to grow plants. Some ideas for gardening without a yard include:

  • container gardening
  • raised bed gardening
  • community gardening
  • borrowed land gardening
  • hydroponics

science experiments for kids

Why did Grandview start a community garden on campus?

We saw gardening as another type of learning opportunity and that the garden was an outdoor learning classroom. The garden holds lessons in almost every learning domain. Lessons in the areas of mathematics, science experiments for kids, ELA and social studies are all part of the gardening experience.

We often have painters and poets in our garden, as well as environmentalists from the environmental club to make sure that our butterfly plants are healthy enough for our burgeoning caterpillar population. We use it to teach the life cycles of living things.

The Grandview garden is a busy place teeming with wildlife and opportunities for learning.

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Here are some more Science Project Ideas for Kids!

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