MOMpreneur Monday: Just Ask Boo

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Happy Monday Modern Boca Moms! Welcome to our next installment of MOMpreneur Monday, highlighting Florida businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas.

Meet South Florida MOMpreneur, Province “Boo” Zamek, founder of popular e-newsletter, Just Ask BOO.

 Just Ask BOO SM WM

Tell us a little bit about yourself (and your BOO nickname!)…and of course, why you decided to become a MOMpreneur.

I have been called “Boo” since I was a baby. My mother started calling me “Boo” during a game of Peek-a-Boo when I replied, “Peek-a-Mommy.”

I launched JustAskBoo {JAB} in Miami in early 2008 because I recognized a need for an e-newsletter that served as a high-end community message board.

However, while my primary objective was to serve my community, there was also great benefit to me personally. Like so many new mothers, I longed for flexibility and more control over my schedule.

When I started JAB, I resigned from my job at a local public relations agency where I served for seven years as vice president.


At the time I did not know that owning my own business would prove to be far more demanding than working for someone else. But, I have never regretted the move.

Since launch, JAB has become an important community resource for about 25,000 readers across Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

How did your business get started? Did you have many challenges along the way?

I launched JAB when a friend who was new to Miami asked me to help her find a nanny. I sent an email to a group of friends asking for recommendations. Word spread quickly and I received an overwhelming response that included not only nanny recommendations, but also inquiries from others who were also seeking recommendations. I began circulating an email each evening with a list of the day’s requests.

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Suddenly South Florida locals everywhere were directing their friends to “just ask Boo” when they needed a local recommendation.

Momentum grew quickly and just a few months after the first email was sent, I decided to incorporate the business. By this time, JAB already had 1,000 subscribers! I assembled a team of smart, savvy women to help run the business. We raised some angel investor capital, and off we went.

We began referring to the business as JAB for short, and to the subscribers as JABBERS. We stopped sending emails and instead began sending JAB in the form of an e-newsletter, in order to feature images and more options for subscribers. Over time, JAB remained ‘the place’ to go for reliable, trusted local recommendations, but also evolved into a very special place where JABBERS turned not only for referrals, but also for help with their most personal and profound issues. Today, our all-female team serves tens of thousands of JABBERS throughout South Florida.

Along the way we have encountered a series of triumphs and challenges just as any start-up business does. We have had to continually evolve, at times changing our entire business model, in order to maintain our position as a necessary and important local resource in this very quickly changing industry. There is certainly never a dull moment!


What is truly unique about JAB? It’s certainly no Mamarama

JAB is the only local trusted resource of its kind. Our newsletter is where readers go to find things they can’t find easily anywhere else.

It is where they go when they need referrals and recommendations that they can trust.

JAB is a fun, easy read and is a credible source of information, serving the busiest demographic there is- moms! It is also free and easy to use.

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Why should MBMom readers also subscribe to Just ask BOO?

Our primary goal at JAB is to save time and trouble for very busy readers. You don’t even have to go to us – we come to you, in your email inbox. It’s all right here with an easy click.

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What do you love about living and working in South Florida?

In December 2014, we published a Special Edition newsletter titled “Why We Love Miami”. In it, I submitted the following quote:

“The energy. The weather. The people. The fine arts and performing arts. The views. The colors. The cafecitos. The foliage. The fashion. The architecture. The museums. The flat terrain. The mix of cultures and nationalities represented. The sparkle. The philanthropy. The sports. The events. The mom and pop businesses that give this large city a small town feel. The fast cars. The humidity. The water. The boats. The rainbows. The teeny-weeny bikinis. The stilettos. The curves and waves. The music. The wild parrots overhead. The iguanas in the trees. The manatees and the dolphins. The fact that Miami is my home. “

Miami is a small town within a large city and the ideal location for a business like ours to be headquartered.


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