Come Ride the Rails at the Boca Express Train Museum Experience

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We were recently invited to the Boca Train Museum and “Ride the Rails,” an interactive tour that takes you back in time to life in Boca Raton in the 1920’s.

Being the mother of two boys addicted to anything involving trains, I jumped on it!

We spent the morning shadowing a home school class tour. At first I was nervous that perhaps my toddler might be a bit too rambunctious for this crowd of much older children, but I crossed my fingers and headed out with high hopes!

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I call this an experience because that’s exactly what it was; the children were all given roles to play, they dressed and were encouraged to act their parts throughout the entire trip.

Our engineer for the day was excellent at educating us all on some pretty prominent former figures in the community, and asking all the right questions in order to prompt the students to recall what life was like in this era.

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We started the tour in front of the old steam engines hearing all about how they worked and what an event it was to ride one of these engines in the 1920’s. We moved on into the station where tickets were “bought” and construction of the structure was discussed. Here we were treated to the local current events.

“Roles” within the community were touched upon with quite a bit of “name dropping” on the key players in Boca Raton, e.g. Flagler, Mizner, just to name a few!

This portion of the tour was quite informative and interesting for the students as well as all of the adult attendees. We then started walking through the first diesel engine train where we discussed war, social economics, industry, trade and the effect it had on families in Boca Raton. Students were eager to share what they had learned and play their respective roles with such excitement.

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Continuing on, the engineer led us through a tour of the rest of this magnificent diesel engine leaving no stone unturned. We were able to see sleeping quarters, storage and even the galley!

From here, everyone was treated to an authentic dining experience, a menu consisting of Spam, crackers and jelly all washed down with a traditional southern favorite: Sarsaparilla (#modernbocacrunchymom skipped the Spam).

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All in all this experience was fantastic! It was a hit with all ages, there was plenty of visual stimulation for my toddler and the interactive classroom experience is the ideal “immersion learning” for all school age children.

I enjoyed the tour just as much as my little guy. Not being a native Floridian, it was really interesting to learn more about this town and its history. The interactive tour is available for any school that is interested and there are even tours catered specifically to adults (I will be attending that as well). 

Either way, this is an experience for EVERYONE to enjoy!

MBMom Tip: Ask your child’s school to book a tour ASAP.

I’m pretty sure this little guy walked away with a bunch to dream about…

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Essentially Yours,

Modern Boca Crunchy Mom

For more information or to make a reservation, call 561-395-6766 ext. 101 or email You can also visit their website at