The Ribbon is CUT! What’s NEW at Boca VIPediatrics?

Sponsored Boca VIPediatrics Ribbon Cutting WM

Boca VIPediatrics is OFFICIALLY open for business…that is according to the Boca Chamber of Commerce and friends and family who helped Dr. Chad Rudnick and his Mompreneur wife Ashley Rudnick celebrate their grand opening and ribbon-cutting on October 30th!

Modern Boca Mom was invited to attend the party and it truly was a community affair.





Dr. Rudnick even took the time to take a selfie with moi!


We tried!

And then the ribbon was cut, which meant it was time for MBMom to ask what was NEW at Boca VIPediatrics! 



Luckily, Ashley their VIP Director, filled me in.

  1. There’s a new monthly payment plan! You don’t have to foot the entire annual membership fee at one time. “The new monthly payment plan is comparable to a cable bill or daily Starbucks (you’re busted Modern Boca Moms!), but you get your family’s own private pediatrician that is always on call to answer your questions, 24/7.”
  2. The membership is all-inclusive. “What a lot of people don’t know is that the membership fee is all-inclusive of all sick and well office visits, vaccines, house calls, and 24/7 access to reach Dr. Rudnick via his cell phone. There are no copays. So it works out to be a predictable cost for ALL your child’s healthcare, and your insurance is used for more serious or in-depth care or prescriptions (hospitalizations, labs, x-rays, etc.).”
  3. You only need your insurance for the big stuff… “Similar to car insurance, which you wouldn’t use for routine things like oil changes or flat tires, only the big things go through insurance. This way, we can provide the BEST possible care for our patients, and we’re never incentivized to do things TO our patients, rather FOR them, without an insurance company telling our patients what’s covered and what’s not. It’s nice for our VIP families to know that they have unlimited sick or well visits, and they’ll never get a bill from us or their insurance company for our care.”
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Since their grand opening in July, Boca VIPediatrics has had an overwhelming response from the community for accessible, convenient, and affordable pediatric care. Concierge pediatric care. In fact, they are drawing near to reaching their patient cap!


Ashley told MBMom, “Our VIPs tell us that their favorite feature is being able to use a “virtual visit” or send a text and save an office visit by having their child’s issue evaluated on the spot. Whether it’s FaceTime to listen to a cough or take a look at a rash, a text message that asks about medication dosage, an email that asks, ‘Hey, is this a good baby product?’, or a phone call any day of the week that allows moms to speak directly to Dr. Rudnick about any concerns they may have about their child from eating, to sleeping, to behavior, and most importantly, staying healthy.”


She went on to say, “The national average of time spent with a doctor is 8 minutes. In our practice, we block out an entire hour so you never have to feel rushed to ask questions. Of course, if you want to be in and out, we can do that too! With our very cozy staff of just 3, we want to take the time to get to know all of our families so that you get the “small town” doctor’s office feel.”

“The house calls have also been a big hit with our VIP families. The house calls are done for urgent after-hours care and also for the first newborn exam, and we have saved many an ER trip by offering this service to our VIPs. The statistic is 1 in 5 kids end up in the ER every year – which is pretty staggering. If we can save a family from having to go to the ER by being available after-hours for a house call or office visit, the family has saved not only the traumatic experience of being in an ER, but hours of waiting and potentially thousands of dollars,” said Ashley.

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That is unbelievable to me (but verified by Dr. Rudnick and Google!).

After speaking with Ashley, Dr. Rudnick and several attendees at the ribbon-cutting celebration, this Modern Boca Mom now believes that Boca VIPediatrics is bringing a much needed change to the pediatric health care industry, right here in Boca!

Hey, you have to start somewhere…

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