Dear Santa, Please No More TOYS! Love, MBMom

From Special Guest Contributor: Marissa Hagmeyer, South Florida Independent Professional for organizing with NEAT Method

organizing with NEAT method

Do you find yourself fluctuating between excited to watch your children open the presents they get this holiday season and stressed out thinking about adding more toys to your already overflowing home?

You are certainly among friends. I think most MBMoms can admit that the thought of adding more toys to your home can be enough to steal the gift-giving joy out of the holidays.

The girls at NEAT Method feel your pain and have some helpful tips to avoid that stress this year. NEAT Method is a home organizing company that specializes in helping families and individuals create and maintain order in their home. They have locations across the US including our backyard, South Florida!

Tip #1 : Pre-Season Purge

Get ahead of the game with a pre-season purge session.

I often do this for clients and even get the kids involved. Remind your children how many kids don’t have any toys and ask them to pick out the things they no longer play with to donate to someone less fortunate. You may need to make some suggestions on what could go (wink) but it is easier thank you think to get their help, trust me!

organizing with NEAT method
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Tip #2 : Games Galore

Who wants to struggle with playing a game of “box Tetris” to get new board games and puzzles to fit on their shelf?

I recommend ditching the boxes altogether and replacing them with matching same-sized labeled bins. They will be much easier to stack and you will likely lose fewer game pieces over time.

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organizing with NEAT method

Tip #3 : A Home For Everything

Take some time to organize your playroom before the gift giving begins.

Group like items together and give each category a neatly labeled bin or basket to call home. Make sure the storage solution you come up with also has some room to welcome any new friends that may join the party after the holidays. This will make putting new toys away much easier!

organizing with NEAT method
Michelle Drewes Photography
Hopefully these organizing with NEAT method tips help make watching your kids unwrap their new toys a little more joyful…and less stressful this season.
Happy Holidays!

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