HELP!!! I Need a Boca Babysitter!


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I need to find a Boca babysitter.

I hear those six words often from first time moms and moms new to the Boca Raton/South Florida area, but mostly I hear them from parents who are in some sort of childcare bind and a qualified sitter is their only hope for having  some parental freedom!

Conveniently, there is a company based in Delray Beach, KCC Sitter Source, whose mission is to provide top level childcare to parents/guardians while benefiting the lives of children and youth.

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I was excited to speak with their founder Meagan Killinger, a former school teacher turned CEO and founder, to ask her (as a first time mom myself) my burning sitter questions.

I was pretty confident that things had changed since I used to babysit back in high school!

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I first asked her why she decided to start her business. She told MBMom that day in and day out as a teacher, she would greet her students and then send them on their way; many went on to empty homes due to families working late hours, others stayed over friends’ houses or were placed in the care of a nearby relative.

“Even the most dedicated parents can’t be available every moment of their children’s lives to help them learn and grow and that’s what Sitter Source is here to do; assist adults while benefiting the lives of children.”

So true. Read on to find out what steps you can take to find the best babysitter for your family MBMoms…

I’m a first time mom and have never had a babysitter besides family members. How should I go about finding a go-to sitter for my family? 

Leaving your baby or toddler with a sitter for the first time is always harder on the parents than it is on the child. Preparing yourself, your baby and the sitter will help to provide a smooth transition and a nurturing, pleasant experience for all.

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You want a Boca babysitter that has experience, credentials, a background check, is CPR/First aid certified, and who comes highly recommended. Sarah, the nice girl who lives next door, for all you know is just that and only that. You want to use an agency that can provide more than just the sitter you need. You want to use an agency that provides sitters who bring along peace of mind, safety and security.

Is there a “going rate” for sitters these days? I used to get paid $5 an hour in the late 90’s…how have times changed?

Current average hourly rates range from $15.00 to $25.00 an hour.

The rate varies from family to family based on the number of children . An emergency, or back up sitter, will also be a little higher than your usual on-call sitter. The only reason it should go any more then $25.00 an hour, is if the family or organization has more than 5 children; in which case you would want to consider 2 sitters with the average hourly rate starting at $30.00 an hour and going up from there again based on number of children.

How does Sitter Source help make connecting with a sitter easier and safer? 

Simple and convenient…here’s how it works.

First, contact us :

Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM:
(561) 251-2533

After 7:00 PM:
(561) 251-1083

An office professional will gather all your family information, needs and wants and then an agent will match you with a sitter who exceeds your expectations.

The sitters bio will be emailed to you and then the sitter will contact you to confirm job details.

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What is the #1 question you advise clients to ask when searching for a sitter?

I advise all of my clients to set up an initial meeting with the assigned sitter prior to the date of the first job. This helps break the “stranger danger” relationship.

It also allows the sitter and the family to break the ice and get to know one another on a personal level.

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Sitter Source recommends and endorses all their care providers. They make the entire process safe and convenient by only providing clients with babysitters that have verifiable, good references who are warm, sensitive and alert to the needs of children.

Their extensive application and interview process allows Sitter Source, and families, to carefully view the babysitters child care experience, education and work history, personal lifestyle, and child care philosophy.

  • First Aid and CPR Certification
  • Child care references
  • FBI background check
  • Drug free
  • American Red Cross certified
  • Continuing Education Classes
  • Extensive training
  • Certified teachers on staff
  • Certified assistants to children with special needs and disabilities on staff
  • Male and Female sitters available

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YES! I can finally enjoy a night out on the Boca town with both #modernbocadad AND my parents (aka my family sitters) for once!

To start the process of finding your own fabulous sitter, contact Sitter Source…and tell them Modern Boca Mom sent you. 🙂

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KCC Sitter Source, LLC is a childcare agency that places certified babysitters for families, hotel guests, events and organizations in south Florida. A business created to assist adults while benefitting the lives of children.

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Their sitters are American Red Cross certified, CPR/First Aid certified, have completed FBI background checks and undergo extensive supervised training and continuing education classes. Each and every sitter has a passion for positively influencing the lives of children. KCC provides exceptionally qualified part-time and on call sitters and full-time or part-time mother’s/father’s helpers to locals and visitors in the South Florida region.