MOMpreneur Monday: Exambook

MOMpreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Happy Monday Modern Boca Moms!  Welcome to our next installment of MOMpreneur Monday on MBMom, highlighting Florida businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas.

Today’s South Florida Mompreneur is Paula Akhatov, founder of Exambook, an online math tutoring service.

Exambook Tutoring Service

Math. I’m dreading the day when #dailybabyavery comes to me with a homework problem and I (or Google) literally can’t help her. What’s an MBMom (with what feels like LIFELONG pregnancy brain) to do?

Enter a math graduate from FAU, wife and mommy (to a now 1 year old little girl)…oh yes AND the founder of Exambook, online math training for high school, SAT prep and pre-college students.

Exambook Tutoring Service

How did you come up with the idea for Exambook tutoring service, Paula?

I’ve been teaching math for over 11 years. I came to the US as an immigrant in 2007 and since then I’ve been a tutor at FAU, an instructor at a private college and Financial Aid Adviser for the Keiser University Online division. This is where I got the idea to tutor students online.

I started working on this idea three years ago. In the meantime, I met my husband and life took a new turn. From planning a wedding, traveling, then expecting our first baby, my priorities shifted.

Exambook Tutoring Service

I found myself as a woman who had no desire to do anything else but be a full time mommy. Fast track 4-5 months and I quickly learned that if I wanted any piece of my pre-baby life back– like cooking, visiting friends, gym and date nights, I needed to balance everything and get really good at it.

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I looked for examples of working moms that still made time for their kids, like Ivanka Trump. I wanted to set a better example for my daughter; I needed to show her that she can be a mother and enjoy her career.

So keeping my daughter in mind, my best solution was to finish what I had started.

Exambook Tutoring Service

So becoming an entrepreneur was the path you chose. What do you love most now about what you do?

Exambook was created to fill the need for better learning.

I love to teach and more importantly, I believe I have a gift to teach. There is nothing like the look of a student that “gets it”. We offer a service that is fully online, with the students being able to choose their own time and instructor. The flexibility of having a session at any location from home, to the library, to a Starbucks shop, is what makes it so convenient.  

Exambook Tutoring Service

What makes your business different from other online tutoring services?

What makes it unique is the parent account created to monitor the student’s schedule of sessions and even purchase credits for them. Again, this feature comes from years of experience and concerned parents phone calls.

Exambook Tutoring Service

At Exambook tutoring service, we understand that classroom teaching may not work for everyone.

As a mom, I now understand the priority we give to our children. I honestly can’t wait for the day I will teach math to my daughter, and probably her classmates too.

Moms, if you feel overwhelmed with homework in the near or far future, we are here to help!

Exambook Tutoring Service

How do you see your business evolving going forward?

For Exambook tutoring service, I am looking forward to expanding our curriculum. We tutor students at all levels and exams. I would like to see some students prepare for SAT and ACT with us.

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Exambook Tutoring Service

What do you love most about living and working in South Florida?

Living in Florida gives me the endless sunshine that brings out positive, refreshing energy to start the day!

Exambook Tutoring Service

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Learning math on the Internet might be a new experience for many, but it has great potential. You will be learning through personalized sessions that are delivered on your own schedule. You can also attend your sessions from anywhere! Most importantly, you can set your own pace of leaning.

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