NOW CLOSED | Play On At PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach Gardens

NOW CLOSED | I had heard about PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach Gardens a few times, so we finally decided to go check it out! Whoa… Consider my kids’ minds blown!

The PLAYMOBIL FunPark is a bit out of our way (25 mins or so) from East Boca where we live. Driving there on I-95 N, I remember thinking “Blue Heron Blvd, all the way out there?!?!” But oh so worth the drive!

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, I knew we were in for some fun! These little guys were just fine standing outside checking out the castle and shaking hands with the giant knights.

PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

Talk about a grand entrance!

PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

Just when I thought I couldn’t be happier, they only charge a whopping $1 per person to get in!!! #ThriftyMomScore!

This place was THE COOLEST!

It was covered wall to wall in play tables and each had a really cool theme.

PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

The princess table was really sweet, it was the longest table completely decked out in everything a princess could imagine!

PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

There were tons of other tables to choose from– pirate tables, construction tables, aviator tables, western themed tables, tropical tables, you name it!

We made our way through each section, the boys were so busy! There are plenty of figurines for all of the children to play with so sharing struggles aren’t really a problem.

All of the tables have such intricate little cities and themes and none of them are battery operated (be still my crunchy heart!). So this place is just busting with endless imagination.

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PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

Sidenote: They do require that you leave all figurines on the table that you originally found them. Surprisingly, this system works! I would think it would be chaos, but the staff is wonderful and well versed in helping your little ones “adjust” and move on.

It was great to see all of the kids just combining their creative pretend-play. They would approach a table, hear what was going on and just add to the story! If anyone got tired of the theme, they just moved on to another table and joined in on their fun.

PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

The PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach Gardens space is indoor and air conditioned so it’s great for those rainy South Florida afternoons or just plain HOT summer days (you’re welcome). There’s enough action going on in here to keep your kiddos busy for hours on end!

PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

There is no eating in the main play area. Ahem.

But they do have a small cafeteria– this is the only place there is a television. I’m usually against it in “play places” (I just feel kid zones should be off-limits, after all they could just “plug-in” at home), but it actually helped keep some of the kids focused on their snacks.

Double Warning: On the way to the cafeteria you are forced guided to walk through their merchandise section with every possible plastic Playmobil set imaginable!  Proceed with caution.

PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach

The PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach Gardens cafeteria is what I would refer to as the “vending machine graveyard”, packed with all the corn syrup and GMO’s your heart can handle. This is very trying for some parents (especially with older kiddies); luckily we always pack a hearty laptop lunchbox with plenty of fruits and veggies. Crisis averted!

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Overall, the PLAYMOBIL FunPark Palm Beach Gardens was a wonderful success! We will definitely be adding it to our roster of fun places to visit this summer here at #CampMBCrunchyMom.

What fun places have you visited in this area? I look forward to hearing about it in the comments section below!

Essentially Yours,

Modern Boca Crunchy Mom

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