Beach’n with the Kids…MBMom-Style!

Best tips for kids at the beach in Boca

It’s summer! Glorious, hot, sunny (albeit rainy in the afternoons!) summer!  Although we live in paradise year-round, the summer is definitely a great excuse to schlep the family to the beach for some fun-in-the-sun memories! We have the best tips for kids at the beach in Boca.

Remember the days when all you needed was your towel and a good book?  Those days are long gone sisters!  A day of beach’n now requires a laundry list of supplies, some serious planning and an abundance of patience!  It could be a pretty daunting task!

But ladies, have no fear!  MBMom is here with 5 simple tips to make your beach day with the kids an enjoyable one!  We promise it will help keep your stress level down while pumping your fun meter up!

Best tips for kids at the beach in Boca

Check it out….

Tip #1: Go early!

The kids are up and the house is rockin’, so you might as well just head on out!  You’ll get a great parking spot, have your pick of the beach to set-up shop and you can get in a few good hours before the temperature really rises!  (The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10AM and 4PM!)

Tip #2: Sun Protection comes in many forms!

Sunscreen.  Apply it to everyone before you even get in the car so you’re all ready to go by the time you arrive at the beach.  And here’s a suggestion: When shopping for said sunscreen, look for one that comes in a spray bottle*….your hands will be full of sand when it comes time to reapply and it will be hard to rub in lotion.  Also, buy the biggest one you can find because you will need to reapply it ALL.DAY.LONG!

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Umbrella.  A shady spot to cool off is a must!  Don’t have a sturdy beach umbrella? That’s OK!  Just remember to bring some cash – most beaches offer umbrella rentals by the hour!

Clothing. Look for bathing suits and swim shirts that have a sticker or tag with its UPF rating, which means that the fabric itself has UV protection (50+ is the highest rating!).

Tip #3: Sand toys can be simple!

Disposable cups, Tupperware of all sizes and a plastic spaghetti colander are all awesome sand toys – and probably things you have in your kitchen already!  No, we’re not cooking….we’re playing at the beach!  Look around your house and be creative – think digging, shoveling and building!

Tip #4: Bring a cooler.

Kids are always hungry.  It’s just in their DNA!  When you think you’ve packed enough, pack a little bit more!  A cooler is great because none of your snacks will melt and your water will stay chilled, making it extra refreshing!  Ice pops, frozen candy bars and frozen fruit (especially grapes!) are some yummy snack ideas for a hot beach day!

Tip #5: Get a great beach bag!

Try to find a large, deep one with long, sturdy handles.  It will fit a ton of stuff and you can throw it on your shoulder so your hands are free to hold on to more important things :).

Some key items you’ll want to have IN the bag: towels, a change of clothes for everyone, wet bags (these have a waterproof lining making them perfect for transporting wet towels and suits) and a large ziploc to store your phone, wallet and keys so all of your important items are in one easy-to-find, zipped-up place!

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We hope you find these tips helpful for your next family beach day!!

Do you have any beach’n tips to add? Comment below!

*Disclaimer: The FDA has had an ongoing investigation regarding the safety of spray sunscreens since 2011.  Consumer Reports recently issued a warning to parents to avoid using spray sunscreens on their children until a verdict is reached by the FDA.  See the full article here.

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